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Custom Education Essay

Behavior Theory essay

Behaviorism How could operant conditioning be seen in Katerina's story? How was behaviorism ineffective to learning? What else was needed to support Katerina's learning? Katerina's learning was influenced by the change in her environment, which evidences operant conditioning. Katerina’s ... Read more »

Budget Issues of Elizabeth Schools Board essay

Introduction Faith-Based Activities are actions done according to the religious affiliations’ ideologies. In the United States, these organizations are spread in almost every state. A good example of the non-governmental organizations includes the Elizabeth Public Schools, New Jersey. A major ... Read more »

College Life essay

Introduction Community-colleges are praised by many people for the commitment they have in serving low-income populations and minorities and also for their open policy. According to the report, “Reclaiming the American Dream: Community Colleges and the Nations Future, less than half of the ... Read more »

Community Colleges: Should They Offer Four-Year Degrees? essay

The issue of education raises attention of many critics and researchers. It especially concerns community colleges that experiment with baccalaureate degree programs. More and more colleges offer bachelor's degrees to their students. An analysis shows that community colleges should not offer ... Read more »

Crisis Communication in Public Schools essay

Introduction Crisis communication refers to a determination or an effort that institutions, companies as well as other organizations undertake in reaching the stake holders when an event that is unexpected occurs. Such an event has an ability to affect the smooth running of the institution (Crisis ... Read more »

Didactic Course and Clinical essay

Education is a reciprocal and active process through which students acquire skills, knowledge, and understanding when attending an educational institution. A didactic course, or classroom education, refers to providing skills and knowledge to students via teaching them in a classroom setting. On ... Read more »

Education in Nigeria essay

I am a Nigerian student studying in the USA. Therefore, I have an opportunity to contrast the two countries in terms of their educational systems. The USA is a powerful, developed, and progressive state, while Nigeria is a developing republic in West Africa. Thus, it is a challenging task for ... Read more »

Improving the Test Scores essay

Improving the test scores of eighth grade Science students through teacher training, literacy and hands on experience Introduction Purpose The study seeks to investigate the underlying reasons that contribute to poor academic performance in Science among eighth grade students in a school located in ... Read more »

Interactive Learning Environment essay

Introduction Interactive learning is an emerging concept. Moore et al. (2011) describe it as any form of academic arrangement or schoolwork that incorporates technology in emphasizing or teaching a particular concept. Blogs are one of the forms of interactive learning. Blog is a short form of ... Read more »

My Difficulties in English Writing essay

My academic life could not have been as it is without adequate English skills, especially in writing. Today I am not only a good learner, but also a great writer. The achievements came to my academic life after a difficult struggle in learning the language, affected by a poor handwriting experience ... Read more »

Special Education essay

Abstract It is the type of education that addresses the unique needs of students with special needs. Students have individual differences as well as different needs. Special education is integrated into education syllabus and is monitored systematically through well-established teaching procedures, ... Read more »

The Definition of “Educated” essay

Nowadays, education is a legal obligation for any citizen in almost all developed countries. The majority of children all over the world go to schools and a large proportion of these children later enter various colleges or universities. An uneducated person does not have many chances of personal ... Read more »

The Rights of Students with Learning Disabilities essay

The Rights of Students with Learning Disabilities in Saudi Universities from the Point of View of Faculty Members 1.0. Introduction Learning disabilities (LD) may affect the future of learners, their career, and their professional practice. Some of these disabilities may not be easy to detect. ... Read more »

Traditional Instruction Design Models essay

It is becoming increasingly tenuous to ignore the fact that instructing learners is an extremely challenging task in the age of digitalization, globalization, and transformation of socio-economic values. At any rate, distinct and fundamental models are still efficient owing to their profound ... Read more »

United States Immigration Policy in Relation to Foreign Students essay

Obtaining an H-1B visa to work in the United States of America whether skilled or unskilled is one of the procedural tasks any foreign citizen would undergo. Their policy restricts foreigners from working in the United States even to the extent of denying foreign students studying in the United ... Read more »
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