Free Custom «Case Study 4: Bin Laden» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Case Study 4: Bin Laden» Essay Sample

The death of Bin Laden was a result of the planned operation launched by the American government. In his speech after it had happened, President Obama reminded the American citizens and the world community that 9/11 terrorist attack had made nobody indifferent, regardless of their race and ethnicity. This paper aims to analyze Obama’s speech on the issue and observe how the killing of Bin Laden affected the world and influenced terrorism.

Osama Bin Laden was killed on May 2, 2011, in Pakistan by U.S. Special Forces. The next morning, President Obama informed the U.S. citizens and the entire world about the result of the raid (The White House Office of the Press Secretary, 2011). In his speech, President stressed that it was one of the most important operation in the history of the United States (The White House Office of the Press Secretary, 2011). In fact, after the terrorist attack, American people united in their desire to eliminate Bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Obviously, that terrorist attack left a long-lasting impression and pain to the Americans. During ten years, the U.S. counter terrorist professionals had been working on strengthening the country’s defense. According to the research, it is clear that the White House, European countries, and major media noted the destruction of Bin Laden the greatest strategic victory (Dempsey, Forst & Carter, 2015). Being the leader of a terrorist organization for more than twenty years, Bin Laden had organized different terrorist attacks. His death gave hope to the American people that they would not face any tragedy again.


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President assured the audience that Central Intelligent Agency (CIA) was a guarantee of national security (The White House Office of the Press Secretary, 2011). This Agency is known for its dedication, creativity, and teamwork. Despite the numerous difficulties, they never quit because all members have the best qualities to carry the country’s mission. A CIA Director, Leon Panetta, mentioned that these people had the best qualities that were essential to the American nation and that they were not afraid of risks. Their main goals were to conduct the operation and to kill Bin Laden. Remarkably, intelligence officers accomplished their mission successfully. Both President Obama and Leon Panetta thanked the officers, soldiers, and those who were involved in the operation because they brought Bin Laden to justice. However, the leaders assumed that the killing of the main terrorist did not mean that the fight against terrorism was over and that the USA would win in one day.

Despite being regarded as the greatest mission of the intelligent service, the elimination of Bin Laden had no strategic or tactical importance for the further development of events in the Middle East. Some researchers consider that after the raid, al-Qaeda has begun a new stage marked by the increase in terrorist activities (Crotty, 2016). Indeed, numerous terrorist attacks were observed in Western European countries after his death. Thus, the killing of Bin Laden raised the fear of terrorism among the U.S. citizens. Unfortunately, the instability in the Arab countries is a result of the intensification of similar organizations that receive free access to weapons. It is easier for them to communicate their ideas to the public when countries do not have rigid arms. Therefore, the revolutions made by the extremists increase the overall terrorist activity of al-Qaeda.

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According to Crotty (2016), the killing of Bin Laden had the minimal impact on Afghanistan. The Taliban seemed to be completely independent of al-Qaeda in their origin, strategy, tactics, and social composition. Moreover, the Taliban is a mass movement with roots and support of the country while al-Qaeda is an international organization. The struggle against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan influenced the other countries. In particular, the real threat of Islamic terrorism is observed in the United Kingdom. Supporters of jihad in the UK go to Somalia and Yemen, where they are trained accordingly, and return to the United Kingdom threatening to national security (Gilsinan, 2016).

Secondly, many studies reported that Bin Laden’s killing affected the rise of anti-imperial movements in the Arab countries. In fact, Arab Spring influenced two dozen countries. The massive collision with a large number of human victims toppled the governments in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen (Dempsey et al., 2015). Al-Qaeda played a significant role in the massive uprising that aimed to crush pro-American regimes. Furthermore, the events that happened in Iraq also resulted from the elimination of Bin Laden. However, the greatest impact of the revolutionary situation was made in Syria, where the civil war continued for five years and took hundreds of thousands of lives.

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Thus, the killing of Bin Laden was the greatest operation of the Central Intelligent Service. Unfortunately, Osama bin Laden was just one of many terrorists who at that time threatened the U.S. security. Bin Laden’s death did not mean that it was the end of al-Qaeda. Moreover, there is no doubt that the organization will continue to attack the Western countries in the future. Its stability shows that the terrorist organizations can survive their leaders.

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