Free Custom «Business Communication» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Business Communication» Essay Sample


I am writing in order to discuss the importance of effective business communication. To start with, I want to emphasize that effective communication plays a significant role in business success. Successful internal and external communication are necessary because these types of business communication help to accomplish the performance objectives, exchange of information among the employees, and long-term decisions and planning. Effective communication skills help the leader to get the message and send it to others. The thing is that a sender of the information encodes a message in the verbal flow, and the leader should be able to encode it.

While discussing the personal viewpoint, it should be stated that business communication determines the operations, which are conducted by the company. Without effective communication, such capabilities as mutual understanding, cooperation and positive response in business would be undermined. The vitality, creativity and knowledge are transferred between people. The thing is that communication is the critical factor in implementing the change within the company because it is the means that explains, introduces, and prepares the workers for the future changes. Moreover, this is the tool, which might increase the employee’s understanding of the situation. When the process is inadequate, messages are distorted, and frustrations are developed, people or organizations are rendered ineffective. Failures in communication undermine the working process since they do not allow managers to work properly, and for that reason, the cost of these failures might be really high.


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Internal communication is crucial for business because it helps its workers to exchange the necessary data, to develop social entity and to form a strong team.

External communication is extremely significant for business as every company depends on the outside people. The success of the company directly relates to its ability to satisfy customers’ wishes and needs. That is why the company should definitely formulate certain external communication strategies in order to achieve positive results.

It is essential to take into account the fact that business communication is generally applied in order to fulfill certain objectives, namely “receiver understanding, receiver response, favorable relationship, and organizational goodwill” (Krizan, Merrier, Logan, and Williams 4). These objectives are really significant as they show the main idea of business communication. It should be stated that in most cases, people communicate in order to achieve mutual consent and to find the way out of the problem, difficult situation, and controversial issue. Receiver understanding is really crucial because it fulfills the main goal of business communication. The sender of the message and receiver should definitely understand each other. In business, in order to become partners, people have to understand each other. Another objective is response; it is logical that when people understand the message, they respond to it. Favorable relationship is crucial in business as it leads to favorable consequences. The last objective is organizational goodwill. In fact, this is the last and the most important part.

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Other essential guidelines, which play a great role in business, are the types of communication. Workers have to know what type of communication is suitable in this or that situation. Employees are obliged to understand that formal meetings and speeches demand formal communication. Informal communication is also essential as it helps to create a friendly environment within the company. Furthermore, it helps to develop and maintain positive human relationship.

I would also like to draw your attention to the issue of nonverbal communication. At first sight it seems to be not important as it is just certain additions to the process of communication. However, it is not true as nonverbal signs are rich sources of information. They show the target audience the true thoughts and feelings of the speaker. It is more honest than verbal communication and helps to make the first impression.

Listening is another aspect to be discussed. It is essential as it helps to understand the data in a right way, to feel the speaker’s feelings, and to be able to understand and respond wisely to the speaker’s message. Effective listening should be used in business as it assists in building relationships, solving problems, resolving conflicts, and improving the accuracy. Moreover, effective listening helps to understand the speaker better and to build friendly relationships with them.

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I have understood that effective communication is significant not only in oral speech but also in writing. For example, to receive the positive respond to a resume, one should write clear and understandable message, which should include all the necessary data. A person should discuss their knowledge, experience and qualifications since the resume might be perceived as a form of communication. In such a way, a person communicates their desire to get a job and tells the interviewer why they are the best candidate for this position.

Effective communication knowledge is really significant as it might be applied in every life situation. Understanding the importance of business communication is important because it helps to succeed at work and get good results. Effective communication assists workers to create friendly relationships with colleagues and to achieve mutual consent with partners and clients. Moreover, I have understood that it is essential not only to communicate the necessary view but listen to people and treat them with genuine care and respect. Such treatment will definitely generate the reflective discussion. Effective communication is not just a tool, it is a necessity. Undoubtedly, business without it is impossible.

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