Free Custom «Winslow Homer» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Winslow Homer» Essay Sample

Winslow Homer was born in Boston in 1836 and died in 1910. He was the second born child of Henrietta Benson Homer and Charles Savage Homer. His mother, who was a a talented amateur watercolorist, was his first teacher (Jennings, 1990). Winslow took after his mother; similarly to her, he was quite, strong-willed, terse, had a dry sense of humor, art talent and sociable nature. He grew up in rural Cambridge, and his art talent was evident from childhood. Homer became a renowned printmaker and landscape painter majoring in marine art (Flexner, 1966). He started working as a commercial illustrator. He used oil painting to produce most of his studio works, which were marked by density and weight. Moreover, he worked tirelessly in watercolor while creating prolific oeuvre and fluid to record his working vacations. Winslow Homer’s works are notable for freshness and clear vision (Jennings, 1990).

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One element demonstrated in the image is color. It conveys moods and feelings. The choice of soft color makes the painting calm and gentle. Another element used is distance. The artist utilized three distances: the foreground, middle ground and background. Size is the third element used in this image. It defines the relationship of the area occupied by the shapes to one another. The artist chose the correct size of a fox in relation to the birds. The fourth element is value. The image clearly shows the principle of unity. Different art elements complement and bring out each other in the image, which results in blending of the elements (Corriero, Routh, & Educational Video Network, Inc., 1997). Another technique used in the picture is emphasis. It gives the first impression and attracts the viewer's eyes and gives it the center of attention. The principle of balance is depicted by positioning different shapes on different parts on the image.


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The image shows a foxhunt; some starving birds or vultures are descending on a fox. The fox is struggling hard to make it through the deep snow. I like the image because it carries the information of how predator animals sometimes find themselves being hunted and there is nowhere to hide. This is a reality of life. In the image, the deep snow slows the movement of the fox, making it easy prey for the starving birds.

Image 2

Color is an important element used by the artist in the picture. Color brings beauty and freshness and life to the image. The second essential element is the shape. The artist conveys his message through this element bringing out the defined area of the house. Shape allows the viewer to pick out the beautiful house at a glance. The third element employed in the image is distance. The artist chose the distance between, above, around and within shapes appropriately. The distance between the ground and sky is visible. Value is another element used in the picture. The light and dark colors contrast vividly. Unity as a principle made it possible for the blending of different elements. The elements support and complement each other. The artist used realistic proportions to represent things in the image. This has created a good feeling and mood of the picture. There is also repetition as a principle in the picture, i.e. repetition of some elements such as flowers. Uniform color of the house and water gives a visual rhythm and order (Corriero et al., 1997). 

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The image shows a beautiful house built near the ocean shore. Flowers surround the house. The sky is clear. The image tells that the place is cold and wet. It shows that the place is new because the flowers covering the fence are still young. The picture also shows that the area receives rainfall due to the overcast sky. The image is realistic. I like it because it shows an idyllic and attractive place that most of the people would wish to stay at. In addition, the flowers make the picture even more appealing to the eye.

Image 3

Element such as color, shape, space and line are evident in the image. The color can differentiate various items such as the broken boat, black man and maelstrom. Space brings out the distance between the sailor and sharks. Principles used include unity, movement, proportion, balance and repetition. Unity blends the various elements used in the model, which complement each other. The elements are in arrangement such that none of them overpowers others (Corriero et al., 1997). 

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The image shows a black sailor restless in stormy sea.  Sharks are surrounding the boat while there is an impending turmoil. The sailor is in a very difficult situation, he cannot jump out of the sinking boat. There seems to be no solution to his predicament. I like the image because it is very realistic. The image shows how seamen found themselves in peril.

In conclusion, Winslow Homer can be considered to be a great artist of his time. He left a legacy in the painting industry, especially in marine painting. His works are unique with an explicit vision. He was able to demonstrate a feeling and real mastery of technique in his paintings. We should strive to leave a legacy in whatever we undertake.

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