Free Custom «Music Response» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Music Response» Essay Sample

Music is considered to be an integral part of human life. It is a significant element of human existence. It enables to depict the human preferences as well as demands. Thus, modern music is a reflection of the contemporary culture. The main types of modern music are a mixture of techno and classics. That is why many people adore techno concerts that are accompanied by classical music. The bright example of such performance is a recent performance of Norwegian DJ and producer Kygo. The performance took place at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles (Holly). This event enabled participants to feel young and full of energy. Consequently, it helped to show diversity in every aspect by performing music for the varied audience. I believe that Kygo music is meaningful since it represents preferences of various ages as well as tastes. Thus, diversity is totally conveyed by this performance.

The most important component of the performance was the use of classical instruments. Initially, Kygo commenced the performance with the grand piano. It can be treated from different perspectives. Firstly, classical instruments are always associated with some old school (Robin). That is to say that classical music is a basis for all types of the modern music. It represents the highest importance of music as art. It enables to be totally absorbed in the mystery of art. That is why one may state that Kygo uses the piano to convince the audience that music is an art form that requires deep understanding as well as feeling. What is more, he wants to show that classical music can be combined with any other type so it can bring a great result. Secondly, the usage of the piano is also connected with the audience. This means that Kygo takes into account the musical preferences not only of the young listeners but also of the older ones. I believe that he wants to persuade older people that classical music is still alive and it can be interpreted differently. Therefore, every participant of the performance could enjoy the whole musical atmosphere. The mentioned information proves the fact that Kygo’s performance appeals to the diversity of human preferences aiming to unite generations.


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Another fact that supports the idea of diversity is the audience. The great majority of it consisted of young people. Nevertheless, there were some adults who enjoyed this type of performance greatly. All of the participants of the performance came to it with the desire to relax and enjoy music. I think that music is of high importance for them. The reason is that music helps to understand the inner world of every listener. It evokes deep feelings and helps to find a balance. That is why many individuals never lose the opportunity to visit such performances. Therefore, Kygo tried to do his best to appeal to the whole audience. Accordingly, he created a magnificent atmosphere during which every person felt satisfied. Moreover, such a big majority of participants proves their identity. The fact is that during the performance everyone was herself/himself. They showed their real emotions and not artificial ones. Additionally, there were many individuals of different nationalities. They attended the performance and enjoyed it together with other people. This fact proves diversity of the audience. In fact, the different age, nationality, and sex show that music unites people. Moreover, music can appeal to different listeners of various preferences, ages, nationalities, and sex (Phillips). In such a way, diversity is conveyed. The mentioned performance helped to prove that music is the cultural element that unites people.

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It is important to mention the musicians who made the performance incredible. The main DJ was Kygo. He is considered to be a talented Norwegian DJ, who has gained enormous popularity throughout the world. He performed some sets on the piano and then continued to perform them using DJ mixer. Nevertheless, Kygo was not the only star at the performance. He invited other guests among whom the most remarkable was Parson James. They created the collaborative song called “Stole the Show”(Holly). In fact, the public was extremely satisfied since almost everyone knew the song and sang respectively. Nevertheless, the great surprise was the appearance of John Legend. They performed the remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” (Holly).In fact, people were shocked since they had not expected to listen to the new single that was the collaborative work of two magnificent performers. All the singers, as well as DJ, are highly skillful and profound performers. They have a great musical background that appeals to the audience. Consequently, one may admit that the audience prefers professional performers rather than amateurs. It proves the fact that modern listeners pay attention not only to the emotional aspect of the music but also to the quality of the produced music. It also shows the aspect of diversity. I think that people of different ages as well as preferences value music because it is an important part of the culture. That is why music should be profound and of high quality respectively.

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The most important fact of the performance is the impression it made on the audience. As for me, I had controversial feelings. On the one hand, it was an uplifting performance that enabled to feel energetic. Moreover, it helped to unite people. Everyone was a significant part of the whole process. It was one community that had the only aim to enjoy the music. What is more, I was totally surprised by the appearance of John Legend. I enjoyed his performance greatly. On the other hand, the beginning of the performance was quite moving. It enabled to enjoy the classical aspect of modern music. That is to say, the piano playing made me think about my belonging to the community. I understood that I was the part of it. Furthermore, the piano evoked the deep feeling of my importance in the world.

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