Free Custom «Art and Design» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Art and Design» Essay Sample

Oskar Fischinger’s film “Woman in the Moon” has a space travel theme in its plot. The concept indicates a historical background with modern technology despite the time it was released. The film portrayed future prospects in space exploration; a thing that came to pass in four decades after its release. The film probably encouraged the prospects of space travel.

The viewer in the film is omnipresent; as they seem to be everywhere, the plot takes place. The presence of the viewer on the earth before takeoff, in the rocket to the moon and on the moon, proves the fact that they are omnipresent. The purpose of using such a viewer probably makes the movie enjoyable at every setting used in the plot as it aims at portraying every detail about the setting used.

Events such as the love twist in the story make the turning point in the film. According to the plot, Helius, the entrepreneur to fund the moon project is in love with Friede, despite the fact that she is engaged to Windegger. The turn and twist at the final act of the film proves that the feelings he had for her were mutual as she opts to remain with him on the moon instead of leaving with Windegger as expected.


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The film is considered the first ever-serious science fiction movie. Its plot is science based filled with scientific ideas and innovations that seemed only impossible during its casting. Moon travel and the use of rockets posed advanced technology considering the fact that at the time the airplane had just been invented, and a rocket seemed a big discovery for humanity. The fact that the film considered the moon’s atmosphere as having adequate oxygen for human survival helps seal the point that the people at the time had limited knowledge of the actual situation on the moon (Moritz, 2005). These facts make the film epic and interesting to watch especially for individuals that existed and watched it during that time.

The surprising twists in the story include the mocking of Professor Mannfeldt who originally had the idea of the probability of existence of gold in the moon by other scholars. The twist in this section involves the other scientists later kidnapping him. There was also an idea of blowing up Mannfeldt’s rocket if he did not include them in the project. They wanted to blackmail him despite not believing in him in the first place.

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The possibilities of a change of heart despite previous decisions make whimsy not needed (Moritz, 2004). Friede had already been engaged to Windegger, but she opts to remain with Helius on the Moon, as she also loves him secretly; this fact possibly came out of the blues.

The film changed the pubic taste in the film industry as it introduced the new aspect of science fiction. The use of future technology in “Woman in the Moon” makes it interesting to watch for the first time apart from triggering curiosity of the possibility of a man ever visiting and exploring the Moon and other objects in space.

Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge 1920

“Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge” is one of the artistic works done by El Lissitzky, a Russian artist. The poster contains a red wedge penetrating a circular white structure. The poster symbolized the Bolsheviks, their struggle and successful defeat of the white movements in the events that took place during the Russian Cold War. The portrait and its background represent the historical time when the Russians were up against the rest of Europe even though it receives less recognition in the country Russia itself.

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The portrait places a viewer directly in front of the artwork. From this position, the viewer clearly sees the structure of the red representing the Russian movement in the Russian Cold War penetrating a circular white structure representing the European movement during the war. The hedge shaped red structure seems to penetrate deeper into the white structure locked and surrounded by a mass of black structure.

The artist put a lot of thought and skills in making the symbol. The symbol contains a lot of symbolism typical to it. The white sphere represents the white domination of Russia at the time during the events of the Russian Cold War. The red hedge, on the other hand, represents the Russian movement during the war, and the fact that it penetrates the white circular structure that represents successful victory of the Russian in the war.

There is no force of nature operating behind the story except the actual events of the war. They seem to have a big influence on the designing and making of the symbol (Lissitzky, 2007). The artists must have witnessed vast effects, especially of the Russian victory, during the war that played an important role in his creation of the structure.

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The structure contains surprises and especially raises eyebrows for the people who did not participate in the war or at least witness it. The fact that the artist is Russian places doubt on the level of bias when he was making the structure.

During the making of the symbol, the background was war prone. The symbol probably gave the Russian confidence to face off the Europeans during the struggle as they used the symbol as a form of inspiration. The symbol, hence, changed the public taste as far as matters of the war are concerned.

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