Free Custom «Humanity and God» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Humanity and God» Essay Sample

Part 1

  1. The Old Testament of Bible tells about the period from God's creation of the world till the Jesus Christ birth. Firstly, God asks Adam and Eve not to eat the forbidden tree’s fruit; secondly, he asks Hebrew people not to use the meat of unclean animals, not to forget who has freed them from Egyptian slavery and that Lord is the one God. Later, the Lord hands the Ten Commandments to the Hebrew people through Moses. According to these directives, Jews should not kill, must not have other gods beside the one God, they should celebrate the Sabbath day, honor parents, they cannot commit adultery and theft, bear false witness, and should follow many other laws and prescriptions.
  2. The New Testament describes the birth, life and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Paul is the Jesus’ apostle, and both he and Christ describe the disciple’s image. They state that disciples’ deeds should influence the world for good. Their actions and works must be blameless; otherwise, they are useless like flavorless salt or lamp without light. According to Jesus words, citizens of God's kingdom are the poor who are blessed in spirit, mourn ones, meek people, peacemakers and others. God’s kingdom citizens are people who live with God in their hearts, and God loves them.
  3. “A sign of the sacred” is a meaning of the word “sacraments”. Christian church has seven kinds of sacraments including Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. All of them are God's grace instruments with God’s saving presence during any of these processes. Baptism is the first step on the way to God's kingdom and can be conducted only once in human’s life. Moreover, Confirmation has some common features with Baptism and is associated with Holy Spirit. Additionally, believers receive Chris’s Blood and Body and spiritually approach the God this way. Each of these sacraments informs and shapes people’s vocation and make them closer to the God.
  4. Cyril was the Bishop of Jerusalem who preached his eloquent and important sermons while the Church was developing. He wrote many baptismal instructions for candidates for Baptism and for the neophytes. Furthermore, Mystagogical Catechesis includes 11 instructions for the newly baptized people. The second direction describes the activities that must be conducted by these people. After entering the baptistery outer hall, a believer should stay with his face to the west and hear the voice telling him to stretch out his hand. These actions mean that a neophyte renounces Satan if he stands before the individual. In addition, it has the symbolic meaning.

Part 2

The lecture Humanity and God in Covenant describes the common features of faith and management profession. It explains how the Bible presents motions of priests and human vocation. Firstly, students should understand the anthropological theological foundations of Bible that royal priesthood used. The Old Testament consists of five books, and the first one called Genesis describes the process of the world creation by God. Additionally, here people can read that the seventh day of a week is designed for recreation. Therefore, God does not need the rest, and these words only confirm that the Old Testament was written by priests. It results into some obligations for people as the method of priests’ management. Additionally, the God has made the sun and it has been good. The sun gives people energy for living and reproduction (it is important for humanity). Also, the Old Testament describes the time of faith crisis, requests and complaints of God, but all its stories are not chronologically combined.


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Genesis includes the narrative about Adam and Eve. Humanity (women and men) is not the owner of all animals and plants on the Earth; people work only for God, but they should use natural resources in the enterprises. People cannot be a property of other individuals; therefore, they are the property of God. It results into appropriate livable wages that are paid by one person to another one. Individuals must follow God’s instructions.

Another book of the Old Testament, called Exodus, explains that the God helps Hebrew people to get liberty and frees Jews from Egyptian tyranny. The important thing is that God has rewritten his laws. God has written the Ten Commandments on a stone, and this action points to dynamic relations between Hebrew people and God. Moreover, Jewish population promised to execute the new directions (but could not hold it). One of the most important themes is that there is only one God, and other gods cannot exist. Yet, believers should help other people, even those who have other gods.

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The New Testament begins with the Mathew Gospel. Jesus is described as ideal; he has taught people to love and has changed many Old Testament laws. People of any nation are equal in front of the God. The next Gospel by John includes Jesus’ words that explain that he is the wine and his disciples are the brunches. It means that people should love and support each other. Additionally, Productivity is a fruit; humans must work hard to get it. Accordingly, a good manager should invest a lot of resources. The Paul’s message teaches that people will perish. Moreover, a cross means willingness to die and it shows that power can be lost. It means that managers should refuse to exploit a person who appears to be weak. Moreover, investments in individuals will be compensated. Good managers should care about their human resources and follow all God's commandments.

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