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A Long Walk Home essay

The film The Long Walk Home is directed by Richard Pearce and features Whoopi Goldberg and Sissy Spacek. The plot of the movie is set in Alabama. Although this film was released in 1990, it shows the events that took place in Montgomery in 1955 during the famous bus boycott. The film has since then ...

Fear and Gun Violence in United States essay

Bowling for Columbine is a documentary authored, directed and narrated by Michael Moore in 2002. The movie attempts to explain the underlying factors of Americans obsession with guns. It draws the inferences from American history, movies, media and video games as some of the factors. The ...

“Healthy People 2010 and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders: Defining a Baseline of Information” by Chandak Ghosh essay

The article “Healthy People 2010 and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders: Defining a Baseline of Information”by Chandak Ghosh is a research of the Asian Americans/ Pacific Islanders (AAPI) through the prism of the medical treatment the state provides to them. This population has the ...

The Authenticity of Willie Lynch Letter essay

Willie Lynch letter is a document that is believed to have been written by one of the British slave owners in the West Indies and delivered as a speech in Virginia, on the bank of James River. The letter presents the methods of maintaining control and holding ownership of slaves. However, the ...
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