Write an Excellent ACT Writing Part

A lot of students are afraid of ACT’s written part, but the truth is that there are no real reasons to worry so much. If you know the most important tips and tricks, then writing an outstanding essay section won’t be a problem. So, how exactly should you work with the written part in order to get the highest possible grade? Here’s all you need to know.

Focus on Writing Strong Introduction and Conclusion

In case you don’t know this secret, let me reveal it to you right now: how you start and how you finish is much more important than what you will write in the middle. Those, who will evaluate your essay, have a lot of papers to check, so they won’t read your paper too scrupulously – they will pay maximum attention to what you have written in the beginning and how you have concluded your work. As for the middle part, they will simply scan it. If your introduction and conclusion look robust, pragmatic and logic, then the main part of your essay section will mostly probably look good as well. After getting acquainted with introduction and conclusion, the grader is able to tell what score you will receive. Therefore, you should dedicate more time to write impressive introduction and conclusion sections of your writing assignment.


Number of pages

Give Detailed Examples

There’s no such thing as a good, but not persuasive essay. Specific and interesting details that you include in your essay add more weight to your point of view and make your essay interesting to read. Therefore, it’s crucial to give some evidence to the statements that you make. Another great idea is to reinforce your position with a real-life story. This will make your piece of writing even more convincing, memorable and noticeable.

Have a Logical Structure

Your essay should have distinctive paragraphs and logical structure. The shine of great ideas wears off, if these ideas aren’t arranged well. If your writing work is organized in a sophisticated manner, it makes it very easy for readers to understand what you’re writing about. It’s crucial to use transitions between paragraphs if you want to make your writing consequent. Although crafting effective paragraphs is a challenging task, it will considerably increase the chances of getting a higher score.

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Use Correct Language

Tone, voice, the use of language, grammar and word choice are always considered by ACT graders, therefore all these elements should be considered by you as well. Avoid misspelling, grammatical errors and slang. Apply all your efforts to make your essay flawless. Don’t forget that varying sentence structure and using sophisticated vocabulary, you will also benefit your writing work.

Review Your Essay a Couple of Times

Remember, that your essay isn’t finished until you proofread it a couple of times. When reading your essay, make sure that it’s persuasive and free from grammatical errors. Also, see that you don’t repeat the same idea with the same words. Mind that even the greatest piece of writing will be damaged by mistakes and typos.

Follow these tips and forget your fear of ACT’s written part!

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