Why College Is Good For Young People

The most common answer to the question, “Why is college good for you?” is that it is the gateway to getting a good job. I was lucky to get the desired position right after my graduation. But actually, nowadays employers are willing to hire people with five-plus years of experience, which makes a college degree seem quite meaningless.

However, college is still very important for many young people as it is a great place to make connections, network and realize what you want from your future career. You will rarely hear someone saying they regret going to university, but I am sure that college is something much more than just academia.

What Expects You in College

College is a place where you have to live for several years without your parents and no worries bigger than your physics lab or English research paper. It is a place where you will meet various people from other cities and even countries and will make best friends with them. The majority of colleges strive for cultural diversity, which is not something you are always able to get when living in a small town.


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What You Are Going to Miss about College

Being a recent grad, I realized that living in the adult world often makes me miss the time I spent in college. When I attended college, I could not wait to get out of there, start working and do what I actually wanted to do. But once I was out of college, I understood I was longing to go back, to feel myself a part of it again. My roommates and friends I made in college are really those people whom I love and will always remember. College is not just about getting high grades. It is also about making exciting memories with people who share similar goals.

Great Things about College

College is the time and place when and where you start living an adult life, but still can live with childish ambitions. So, if you are thinking whether to go to college, try to figure out what you actually want. Sure, four more years of study may seem boring, but imagine that you will be able to meet your soul mate there, a person who may become your best friend or even a passion in your life. College is something that opens up numerous doors, including career and relationships.

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Of course, I may be totally biased and you will get there and just hate it, but who knows, maybe your entire life will change for better in college. I cannot affirm that these are going to be best four years of your life as I am convinced that each year has to be the best, but I believe that there are wonderful people whom you can meet there, create and share awesome memories with them. I think that college is great because it is the only place that provides you with a chance to decide what you want in life.

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