What Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is the main idea with the precise and concise wording that is put forward to prove it. Sometimes it is presented in an annotation or an introduction. All other sentences serve to prove the thesis. They are called arguments. Thesis statements include a description of the subject, tasks, goals, relevance, sections, and the results of the work. There are several kinds of them

Basic Thesis Statements

Thesis statements summarize the contents of the document; they are inseparable from the text. A simple thesis statement includes the main thoughts of separate semantic paragraphs. They serve to reveal the basic information.

A complex thesis statement consists of basic and simple ones. Each simple thesis explains the main point. If the text has big volume, it can have many theses, because it is important to stress everything. It is worthwhile to arrange the thesis in the same way as the deployment of ideas in the text. It does not always coincide with the sequence of the work itself. Such sentences do not contain examples, grounds, and arguments. In fact, they can be found almost everywhere, in logic, mathematics, philosophy, journalism, philology, history, social studies, and linguistics. When a theory is developed or a new area of knowledge is mastered, old statements can be refuted.


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Thesis statements are used by schoolchildren and students when they write essays or analyze texts. They can have different forms, depending on the purpose of writing, be short or expanded, presented in the form of formulas or have a textual form.

How to Write a Thesis Statement Correctly

Formulate several ideas. You will get a list of potential thesis statements. If you have several options for starting an essay, you will develop strong arguments. If you think that your thesis is difficult to prove or it is a false assumption, you can start research in a new direction. Choose the hypothesis that you want to discuss. Write it in the form of a sentence to use as an introductory paragraph of your work.

If you are tormented by doubts about the thesis statement, show it to your professor. The teacher will analyze it and will determine whether it corresponds to the assigned task. The essay is a subjective creative text. It shows the reflection of the views and opinions of a person. Therefore, the thesis statement in this work will be your position on any issue. It can be presented in the form of questions and keywords. It depends on the form of paper, the theme of the work and preferences of the author. Do not make the introduction too long. It is worthwhile proposing to read your essay to competent people in order to evaluate it and leave their comments.

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As you can see, the main thing in writing a thesis statement is clarity and brevity. You must demonstrate the most important facts in one or two sentences. Therefore, you have to learn how to highlight the most important and relevant information from the entire text.

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