Travel the USA with Only $50 a Day: 5 Best Tips

Road trips are a part of American cultural heritage. From On the Road to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the freeways of America have always inspired the sense of freedom and imagination. While some may think that nowadays crossing the country on the cheap is simply unrealistic, it is not only popular but also incredibly fun! The key is to be mindful of your expenses and employ some easy tricks listed here.

Don’t Feed Your Addictions

I know a lot of people who can’t survive without their daily Starbucks. Some foodies have a habit of going out every weekend and spending huge amounts of money in fancy places. There’s nothing wrong with that! However, if you’re truly planning an adventure of a lifetime, it would be smart to cut back on some petty luxuries and contemplate the potential benefits of thriftiness.

Accommodations Are a Fixed Cost, but You Can Still Reduce It

There are several ways to lower the expenses without spoiling the experience. First, look into couchsurfing. It is a great way to travel. You meet new people every time you stay somewhere, learn about their lives, and may even receive some free sightseeing.


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If couch surfing is not your kind of thing, or you’re a bit afraid of staying with strangers, try airbnb instead. It’s a very similar, albeit paid service. You can also camp out in the great wilderness, stay at cheap hostels and hotels, or even stay at hotels for a reasonable price. To do the last one, you’ll probably need to sign up for a hotel credit card. It will provide you with hotel points that can dramatically reduce the price of a room.

Cook, Yelp, Enjoy

Food in America is famously cheap. If you’re cooking yourself, all you’ll need to pay for is the regular price of groceries, which are amazingly cheap if you’re away from major cities. Shop at regular old supermarkets. Whole Foods is not the only place with tasty fruit and veggies. If you do want to go out, use Yelp or ask locals on social media.

Buy City Tourism Cards

When you’re in an interesting place, you want to experience all it can offer. A city tourism card is a kind of a package deal. You can purchase one online or visit a tourism info center. Normally, they include all the popular attractions, public transport, and discounts for local restaurants. The best thing is you can usually get one for $30–40 only!

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Save on Gas by Driving other People’s Cars

There are several websites that deal with car relocation. You’ll probably have less time to see sights and experience all the small weird places America has to offer, but you’ll get paid and the gas is definitely covered.

A road trip is a great way to take in the beauty of nature, meet cool people, and experience the romance of the road.

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