Top 4 Best Netflix Comedies

Some people like going out on Fridays, some are total gym rats. Personally, I like nothing more than to relax watching Netflix and sipping inexpensive boxed wine. I always fight with my roommate over what to pick, though.  She likes to binge watch reality TV, and I’m more into good thrillers and action flicks.

However, we can always agree on a good old comedy. Here are my top picks for a fun, lazy evening full of laughs.

4. Bridget Jones’s Diary

I have to admit, I’ve watched this movie more than once. When I’m in a bad mood and need something to cheer me up, this is what I always turn to. And I don’t even like romantic comedies! Bridget is a ridiculous, charming, adorable mess. In a way, she is every one of us: trying to find herself, hold down a job, and get a relationship that doesn’t get her down. The writing is snappy, the situational comedy doesn’t make you cringe and, overall, I’ll probably be watching the movie again in the future.

3. In The Loop

If you can’t get enough of the dirty, immoral world of big politics, and the next season of House of Cards is too far away, I have a treat for you. In The Loop is a movie sequel to a wildly popular British satirical sitcom The Thick of It. By far the most interesting character in both is Malcolm Tucker, a talented, foul-mouthed political operative. The writing and delivery practically turn swearing into an awesome superpower. As a bonus, he’s played by a beloved actor Peter Capaldi, so Doctor Who fans can see their favorite Scot in an unexpected light.


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2. In Bruges

Most people are usually too busy staring at Colin Farrell’s abs to notice that he can act. However, he managed to make his portrayal as a down on his luck hitman so awesome, it’s impossible to ignore. The humor is definitely dark and acerbic, but between the snappy comedy and stunning sights of Bruges itself, you just want to keep on watching. Also, if you thought Ralph Fiennes was terrifying as Voldemort, you need to see him as the vengeful crime boss Harry.

1. The Princess Bride

Among all the films to watch when the world outside is bleak and depressing, The Princess Bride is the most iconic of them all. This charming, naïve cult classic was not that popular at the time of its release in the 80s, but has gained a large following since then. On its face, the movie is a simple romantic fairy tale, but unexpected plot twists, perfect comedic timing, and a refreshing amount of self-awareness transform it into something completely different. The Princess Bride is surrealistic, but kind to its characters and audience at the same time. It’s also an endless source of memes and cool quotes on the Internet, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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So, pick a movie, get comfy, and enjoy your Friday!

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