Tips to Write the Best College Admissions Essays

Tips to Write the Best College Admissions Essays

An application essay for the college or university of your dreams is probably one of the most important pieces of writing in your life. Therefore, you need to treat it with full responsibility and seriousness since a small group of the admission officers are going to review it along with your application and coursework. So, it is up to them to make a decision whether you are a suitable candidate to go to college or university you have applied for.

Understand the Admissions Board Psychology

The first step to convince the admission officers is to understand what their needs are and what they are looking for. Undoubtedly, they want to have successful students that can contribute to the educational system and bring prestige to the college or university. Thus, you need to portray yourself as the one that meets those requirements. Include this information into your college admissions essay, proving your determination, defining your long-term goals and showing you are willing to bring honor to the university.


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Determine Your Essay Goals

How do you want to be perceived by the admission officers? The perfect combination to prove that you are a suitable candidate is to show that you are responsible, persistent, and academically ambitious. However, if you classwork already demonstrates these traits of your character, you had better highlight other features of your personality. It might be leadership or teamwork skills, belonging to organizations or clubs, working experience, etc.

Distinguish Yourself from Others

Being an international student means, by definition, that you are different from all American applicants. However, you need to focus on the strengths of both your culture and your personality. Write a sentence or two to ensure the admission board pays attention especially to you. Talk about your interesting background or add some characteristics that make you different from other students.

Make Contribution to the College or University

Undoubtedly, it is vital to prove you can contribute and broaden students’ experiences. Being an international student gives you a chance to offer cultural diversity to your peers. Do not limit yourself to home culture, since you can offer much more. Maybe, you are good at writing blogs, you can join athletic team, or you can organize a study group. It can be anything you feel you can contribute to.

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Consider the Essay Prompt when Writing

In order to write the best admission essay, it is recommended to focus on three main ideas that you feel will attract the admission board. Your goal is to present these ideas well instead of just mentioning a list of them. General essays are worse perceived than the ones that are narrowly focused. It is also important to pay attention to the essay prompt and try to give your answers. Even though it might seem too obvious to simply follow the prompt, it will demonstrate you are able to read and follow directions. Don’t let the admissions officers reject you because you didn’t pay attention to the essay prompt.

Good luck with your admission essay!

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