Tips on Writing the Title of a Dissertation

The title of a dissertation is of the utmost importance. It is aimed at informing the readers about the study that has been conducted. Therefore, a good dissertation title must be brief and explicit, provide a reader with clear information and highlight the methods used and the results obtained. A bad title may cause misunderstanding concerning the research subject. That is why it is of great importance to entitle a dissertation in a proper way making the contents of the writing itself quite clear.

The writer should bear in mind that the title of a dissertation is structured in a specific way and contains some important elements. Firstly, the information about the research and the objectives should be included in the heading so that the readers could understand whether the dissertation is worth reading. Secondly, the branch of science should be easily inferred from the thesis title. The scientific work will not be considered professional if the area of research is not mentioned. The following is the example of good dissertation title: “The Growth of Production as a Plan of Action: a Case Study of a Small Enterprise.” Besides, the title must include the applied methods and the findings of the research. There are the rules following which the author will write a specific and catching thesis title:


Title of your paper
Type of assignment
Academic level
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First of all, the headline must be original in order to attract readers’ attention. The author must provide a clear description and a well-grounded explanation of the objectives of the research paper.

Furthermore, the author should avoid using abbreviations if there are no explanations. The readers can have difficulties in understanding such terms which may lead to misinterpreting the content.

There are certain stylistic rules which are to be followed. Every single word in a title except conjunctions, prepositions, particles, and articles should be capitalized. Besides, double quotes are used if the title contains a citation. Furthermore, bold type should be used to write the name of a place or a species, a medication or an abbreviation to help the reader catch the most relevant information related to the research.

To ensure an efficient and professionally written title the author must observe the rules of style, structural organization, and readability. This way, the readers’ perception of the dissertation will be serious and respectful.

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