Tips on Writing a Perfect Interview Essay

This type of essay requires a thorough analysis and interpretation of the interview conducted by the author previously. Thus, it is significant to have a clear understanding of the interview peculiarities as well as questions that are important during the interview. In addition, this type of assignment has a purpose of disclosing interviewee’s personality to the audience. As a result, interview questions should focus on the person’s convictions, life goals, interests, opinions, and favorite activities. It is also vital to interpret the candidate’s answers correctly in order to avoid creating invalid personality portrait.

Composing an Outline for the Interview Essay

Making an outline prior to writing the interview essay is vital for those who are not familiar with this type of assignment. The outline will help the writer to organize the thoughts logically and support them with effective examples and facts from the interview.

Writing the Interview Essay

In order to create an outstanding interview essay, the author should determine the goal of his/her writing and present it to the audience. The aim of the interview essay should be evident in the questions analyzed by the author. In addition, the author may provide his/her own comments and personal opinions about the interviewee; however, this type of description ought to reflect the main goal of the paper.


Number of pages

The Structure of the Interview Essay

Like other common academic essay types, the interview essay consists of three basic parts:
1. Introduction
This part of the essay has to include general information about the interviewee, his/her views, favorite activities, etc.

2. Body
It should incorporate the discussion of the interview topic, the analysis of the interviewee’s answers, and author’s comments supported by quotes.

3. Conclusion
It usually contains a short overview of the essay’s main points and author’s general opinion concerning the issues revealed during the interview.

The Format of the Interview Essay

When writing the interview essay, the author may use common essay formats such as APA, MLA, Turabian, AMA, etc. Usually, the specific format and its peculiarities are defined by the instructor. If not, the author may choose the format that best corresponds to the topic, assignment instructions, and subject area. The writer should also pay attention to certain format demands and make sure all the required elements such as font size, margins, headlines, page numbers, etc. are used correctly.

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Interview Essay Tips

Here are important pieces of advice that will guide the author through the interview essay writing process:

1. The essay should include both objective overview and author’s personal perception of the interview.

2. A perfect interview essay is more than just a summary of the interviewee’s answers. On the other hand, it ought to suggest a well-written personality portrait.

3. Interview questions should be prepared beforehand. There should also be many open questions that begin with “What? Who? Where? When? Why?” It is better for the interviewee to avoid using personal questions that may make him feel uncomfortable.

4. The author has to prove his/her professionalism through presenting some additional information about the interviewee.

Interview essay offers a great variety of topics that focus on revealing personality traits to the audience as well as creating personality portrait. Considerate approach to the topic selection and clear understanding of the topic are essential for writing a perfect essay.

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