The Prospects of Change in Adoption System

Humankind is progressing, and an attitude towards different things has changed. However, some stereotypes are still treated to be veracious. Such spheres as women’s image in society and adoption undergo tremendous failures on the way to be established as fully fledged. For example, the reasons for adoption remain very basic, unsophisticated, and rather outdated. Single parents, especially unwedded mothers, are considered to be inappropriate and particularly disfavored candidates.

Half of a century ago and today, people would regard the situation when a mother grows her son or daughter alone as a disgraceful and an embarrassing one. It is inconceivable that women need to be presentable and develop their best qualities just in order to get married. Public thoughts were essential, but today society has turned to more liberal concepts. There is no such strong attachment to the common belief or judgment. Everyone decides on his or her own how to act.

Obviously, transformations in people’s outlook should provide changes in the system as well. In past, closed adoption was applied in order to save a newborn from his mother’s reputation. In other words, a real name of a parent was kept in secret not to dishonor a young one. Nowadays, the main reason why mothers leave their kids is not the fear of tattle. It often happens because of age or financial problems. Open adoption is far more developed system, and it should become the preferred one. It has more benefits due to the fact that it suggests better resolutions to the problems and reduces the risks of stress.


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Generally speaking, closed adoption bears a striking resemblance to a dispassionate exchange between the woman who has given a birth to a child and an adoptive family. It excludes the possibility of any contact between these people. Therefore, birthparents can’t be sure if the offspring gets into a secured and well-to-do family. Doubts and painful effect cannot be pacified by reports of the mediator. A social worker is in charge of everything that happens to an infant on his way to the new family.

The communication between two families is the guarantee of healthy adoption. It is beneficial for all the participants of the deal. Many researchers prove that if babies have any relation with their birthparents, it strongly affects their behavior in the future. David M. Brodzinsky, a leading authority in the field of psychology, investigates children’s adjustment in adoption and confirms strong vulnerability of kids in this process. On the contrary, open adoption gives biological parents the possibility to be in the life of their darlings at least somehow. Together, couples choose days in a week and particular time when a meeting takes place. They agree on different points and details. Only such kind of coordinated actions creates appropriate conditions for adoption.

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This scheme works for families who have encountered difficulties in their lives. Usually, they are hard-up or face other problems. It happens that birthmothers force themselves to make this painful decision. Adoption gives the chance to the children to be loved and be a part of a non-needy family.

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