Student Work: Ins and Outs of Part-Time Jobs

Due to the rising cost of education in our country, many students are forced to work part-time in order to make ends meet. In 2015, Endsleigh conducted a survey where it was mentioned that eight out of ten students fund their studies with the help of part-time jobs. The same survey shows that females get paid 36% less than males.

Benefits of Working Part-Time

1. Extra money. This is the primary reason why students search for a job. They simply want to have extra money to pay for education, housing, food, entertainment, etc.
2. Budgeting. Students, who work part-time and earn money on their own, are more likely to spend money wisely. It is more painful to part with the income when you know how hard it was earned.
3. Time management. Part time work makes students more organized and balance their time wisely because they need to plan their schedules and weigh their priorities in both studying and work.
4. No time to get bored. Part-time job makes student lives so busy that there is no time for boredom.
5. Future career. Part-time work can be a good start for a future career. You will get some precious experience that will make your resume more alluring for employers.
6. Transferable skills. When working part time, students get skills, for example, commercial awareness and the ability to work in a team, which are in demand by employers.


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How to Balance Bork and Studying

Some students think that working part-time may ruin their academic careers. On the other hand, students will get only benefits from their jobs if they learn how to prioritize.

1. Organize your time. When you get a partial job, your life becomes extremely busy. So, fill your schedule with important deadlines, major social events and record of your shifts.
2. Be honest. Make your close people aware of your busy schedule, so they do not get offended when you spend less time with them. If you feel that you miss something important in your life because of your job, it is better to give up on it.
3. Inform important people. Make sure your professors and academic advisors know that you have a part-time job, especially in case you cannot meet the deadline of an important assignment or miss a class.

How to Find a Student Job

1. Take advantage of the college job shop. Different Students’ Unions keep students updated about the latest vacancies available on campus. Sing up for their services online and receive regular newsletters.
2. Networking. Get acquainted with useful people and ask them for available vacancies. For example, you may walk around local cafes, pubs and shops checking whether the employers hire right now.

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Thus, part-time job is beneficial in terms of income, socialization and building future career. Make sure you can combine work and studying and good luck in finding your first job!

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