Professor. Communication Guide.

Do you think communication with professor is less important than studying hard?

Good relationship with your professor is also much appreciated. It is not only about communication related to the subject of the course, but informal conversations matter as well. Your marks depends not only on your academic efforts, but also on your cooperation with the professor.

Use these tips to make your communication more effective and life easier.

Collect the information

Make sure you remember your professor’s full name (seriously!) and can pronounce it correctly. Some contact details would also be helpful. You should also know how to find his/her office.

Who is who?

Remember that professor is a person who shares an experience similar to that of his/her students. He/she also was a student once, has his/her own children now, and has some hobbies, and so on. Do not be afraid to communicate, as the professor’s main goal is to support you in your studying.

Friendly relationship

Build friendly relationship by talking with professor and initiating the discussion. It will help him/her to remember you better. Ice-breaking and private talks are not forbidden, but it is better to start conversing after classes.


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Sometimes you may have different points of view, but it is not a reason to forget about respect. Be polite, avoid any conflicts and stay calm. Demonstrate openness and feeling of a deep regard for wellbeing of other people. It will help in your future collaboration.

Make the things clear timely

Obviously, the professor is the person who can share the most knowledge of the course. If you do not understand something, need some support or disagree with something, don’t give up and certainly do not hesitate to ask questions. If you really need help, please, speak up. It is important to get clarifications and all answers as soon as possible.

Make notes

Be prepared for the conversation with your professor and make notes. Write down your ideas and suggestions before asking questions. This way you will look responsible and self-organized.

Mutual agreement

When it is time for negotiations, remember that every person may have his/her own opinion. Making mistakes while searching the right decision is acceptable. Use your intelligence, be resourceful and always try to find the solution, which fits everybody.

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Be fair with yourself, no one can help you better than you can. Professor can only encourage you. During the lessons, make sure that you fully concentrate on studying and nothing can distract you. Try not to miss your classes. Determine your strong and weak points, then improve your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
Professor’s contribution to your education is very valuable. Be grateful for all lessons they teach you and respect their views. Note, that the best results are achieved when you work together as a team. Hope all these tips will guide your behavior and make your cooperation better. Professors will appreciate your effort.

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