Principles of Informative Speech on Social Media

Have you ever realized what significant role social media plays in our everyday lives? What is more, do you understand that you personally are one of its creators? Whenever you write a post on Facebook, leave your comment on someone’s blog or play an online video game, you become a part of the social media. In other words, each action you do on the Internet influences the state of social media. So, if you got interested in this issue, this article is just for you.

Hardly any person can admit being isolated from the social media. Actually, it has become a great part of mass media. Besides, social media has proved to be more effective as they deliver messages across much faster than radio, press, and television. I guess, you must have probably noticed that nowadays almost each journalist has an account in social media (such as Facebook, for example). The information posted in social media can be instantly shared among people by means of likes, news feed shares, and simply messages. Thus, in such a way, social media guarantee that the information is spread straight from the horse’s mouth without being distorted or biased.


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Apart from playing an informative role, social media is a great asset in marketing and business. More and more companies have understood that it is very effective to advertise their products and services in social media. It demonstrates a customer-oriented approach as people responsible for social media pages devoted to some products are there to answer all customers’ questions. Besides, such form of purchase is also highly beneficial to the customers as they can follow other clients’ feedbacks and decide whether the product/ service deserves their attention.

Moreover, social media is a rich source of entertainment and self-development, where you can find an abundance of different materials and sources on how to entertain or educate yourself. By using social media, you can get the latest releases of audio, video, movies, etc. Besides, social media helps artists gain popularity among by means of promotion their works.

The last but not least – social media plays a significant role in branding and fashion. People are bombarded with images of fashionable clothes, new hairstyles, and other trendy items. All in all, social media has proved to be really beneficial to numerous areas of people’s lives. So, do you consider it to be as advantageous as we think of it?

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