Major Music Festivals in 2016

Contemporary life is a continuous rush, where it is hard to be knowledgeable about everything. It is even harder to join in something worthy, because of the continuous flow of information. That is why a list of the coolest musical evens of 2016 is here for you. Read, choose, come in, and enjoy!

Hangout Fest (May 20-22, Gulf Shores, Alabama)

Don’t you mind to spend three days on the beaches listening to rock, indie, hip-hop, and electronic dance music? It is a chilly affair, which opens the season of music events in the sunny city already for six years. No one will be bored and everyone will get powerful sounds. The headliners in 2015 were Zac Brown Band, Beck, My Morning Jacket, Foo Fighters, and Skrillex. Let us see who will perform in 2016!

Warped Tour (June 24- August 13, throughout North America)

It is the only chance to stay not far from your hometown and visit a great music event. Warped tour travels through 40 cities and plenty of small towns within eight summer weeks. Music of all genres and even cross-genres has been played on Warped Tour for 22 years. The last week of June and the beginning of August is high time for North America to relax, feast, and take pleasure.


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Newport Falk Festival (July 22-24, Newport Rhode Island)

This festival celebrates the 57th anniversary this year. Its popularity shows that folk is not old-fashioned but it is still highly appreciated by all generations. Newport Falk Festival can be as coevals as relatives event. The mix of soulful, traditional, descent, and hard-rocking folk will satisfy even the most demanding lovers of music.

Lollapalooza (July 28-31, Chicago, Illinois)

The year 2012 established excellent reputation for the festival as organizers successfully overcame through the gnarly storm and omitted the withdrawal of the festival. Taking into consideration that Lollapalooza hosts approximately 160, 000 people during two or three days, you can imagine how serious and rational the organizational approach was. In 2016, the festival attracts lovers of heavy metal, alternative rock, hip-hop, punk rock; admirers of comedy, artist, and dance performance; and the tourists of Chicago at the same time.

TomorrowWorld (September TBA, Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia)

This electronic music festival is an American interpretation of the famous worldly TomorrowLand. It started in 2013 and achieved huge success. The difference between last twos is slight, but pleasure is enormous.The festival takes place in the camping area and provides its visitors with cozy and close-to-nature atmosphere.

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This year, music festivals present multiple alternatives to their audience. A weekend on sandy beaches, cosmopolitan cities, and camping places to the accompaniment of music of all genres will make the summer of 2016 memorable and impressive. The only thing left to do is to plan a date and invite friends. Have fun!

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