Is Studying in the UK the Best Choice for Students?

The reputation of the UK universities has always been impeccable, hasn’t it? As a result, many students around the world eagerly look forward to studying in the most prominent and worthwhile universities. Nowadays, there are three universities in the UK that are the most popular among both citizen and international students. What are the criteria of these places that grab student’s attention? The most essential ones are the high quality of education, well-experienced academics, a wide variety of disciplines, and polite staff.

So, if you want to get a degree in England, take into consideration the list of top 3 universities in the UK.

Cambridge University

Being one of the world’s best universities in 2015 and 2016, the University of Cambridge maintains its position of the most prominent and prestigious place for study. As it was founded in 1209, Cambridge can boast of its rich history and outstanding alumni. Thanks to talented educators and their excellent teaching methods, around 90 Nobel winners have been produced in Cambridge. In addition, the university was described as a place not only with brilliant academic achievements but also with original research.


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It is also important to point out that Cambridge has a large pile of libraries, 31 leading colleges, outstanding museums, and unique collections. So, if you are willing to become a Cambridge University student, your life is going to be diversified by 700 clubs and societies, different student organizations, memorable parties, etc.

Oxford University

Undoubtedly, the oldest university in England is Oxford University, which has never decreased the quality of education and research. It has always remained on the top of the most prominent universities around the globe. The fact remains that many successful and influential people have graduated from this highly respected institution.

Oxford’s alumni can boast of having extended knowledge in various fields of study. It is vital to highlight that all scientific and arts disciplines are taught by qualified, talented and intelligent educators. Believe it or not, they are actual experts in their subject areas. Furthermore, the University of Oxford has lots of libraries. The Bodleian library, which possesses copies of all books in the UK, is among them.

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Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the most well-known and well-liked universities in Great Britain, in spite of the fact that it has got only an 8th position according to the latest World University Rankings. Imperial College London is known for international quality, exciting lectures, and impressive research achievements. Furthermore, the first British academic health science center was founded in Imperial College London.

Due to the programs in medicine, engineering, and science, the graduates are able to work on projects that concern climate changes, energy technology, nation and global health, and other vital issues. The main advantage of studying at this particular institution is that students have a chance to become real researches from the first weeks of learning.

Regardless of which university you chose, you will be certainly satisfied with the quality of education you will be getting in the UK top university.

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