How to Write Scholarships Essay?

As a student, you will face with a huge amount of individual and group tasks, social, public, voluntary projects and creative, cognitive and physical activities aimed at the development of your personality and shaping your character. Optional, however, integral part of the studying years also constitute the participation in scholarship programs, which let students win a grant and exchange their educational as well as personal experience with students from other universities or even abroad. To take part in such grant you will have to meet certain requirements, one of which is to write a scholarship essay.

To create a quality scholarship essay, get the highest possible grade for it and become “the chosen” one, your main goal is to learn the structure and format of such kind of essay and stick to its main purpose. No matter, whether it’s your first attempt or you’ve already tried yourself in writing a scholarship essay, it is always good to have a strategy with the help of which you will come closer to the desired result.


Title of your paper
Type of assignment
Academic level
Number of pages

First, your scholarship essay has to reflect all the instructions of the scholarship provider and fully answer the questions of a specific topic. That’s why before you start your writing process, make sure you understand the requirements and will try to do your best to match them.

Your next step will include the creation of an outline. As soon as you get clear with what questions you will have to answer, it also gets obvious what topic will be discussed in your scholarship essay. However, your task is to narrow this topic and make it as specific, as trustworthy, and as real as possible. Think of the best examples from your life that would relate to the topic and help a scholarship provider pay attention to specifically your essay. For this, your introduction’s hook and thesis statement should be unique and impressive, while the main body part will serve as a source of great facts and appealing arguments about your candidacy. In the conclusion, try to summarize what makes you as an applicant stand out of the crowd. This part is crucial as written in a good way conclusion may reckon a scholarship provider choose you as the victorious applicant.

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As you’ve understood, your scholarship essay’s purpose is to show your ability to convince and make others be interested in you. Though, apart from the structure and purpose that you have to learn, don’t forget about a scholarship essay’s format, which is not longer than 2-3 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 points font, one-inch top, bottom and side margins.

To get the better understanding of how to write a scholarship essay, you are also welcome to examine free scholarships essay samples provided in the database section of writing companies’ websites.

Good luck in becoming one of those, who along with his/her excellent scholarship essay is worth being selected as an applicant of a scholarship grant program.

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