How to Get Better Grades Faster

We believe everyone in met at least one person who has studied exceptionally well at school and had high grades. What are the factors that help these people study exceptionally well? There are some strategies that contribute to scoring high grades and we’d like to present 3 of them to enhance your chances with your academic performance.

Strategy 1

Set Smart Goals

Purposefulness is one of the primary keys to success in school and in life, as well. When we set goals, we do our best to attain them. However, there are certain techniques of setting goals that later manifest themselves through excellent performance.

Let’s look at three groups of students who achieved different academic results due to using the different ways of setting goals. The first one is the group, which made a decision to improve their grades without writing down their goals: only 5% of them were successful in getting higher grades. The second group, in turn, wrote down their goals. As a result, 32% of them were successful. Finally, the third group also wrote down their goals while using a special technique known as smart goals, which yielded improvements in as many as 94% of successful students. Smart goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. Use this method and see whether it upgrades your results in a similar manner.


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Strategy 2

The Pareto Principle

This method actually suggests that you can have better grades if you devote less time to studying. It is often used by successful individuals and is known as the 80/20 rule. In fact, it means that 80% of your achievements result from 20% of your effort.

Using two examples below, we will demonstrate the efficiency of this strategy. The first group of 73 students devoted 5 hours per day to studying, whereas the second one counting 90 colleagues spent 2 ½ hours per day. Consequently, the GPA of both groups was 2,9 and 3,7 respectively. What made the difference? The Pareto Principle, which was used by the second group of students. Are you already intrigued about tryout out this method? Go ahead and enjoy the immediate improvement!

Strategy 3

The Memory Advantage

According to recent scientific studies, memory skills play a crucial role in attaining striking academic results. Pay attention to the word “skills” since it is not all just about “memory.” Undoubtedly, students who possess great memory skills will show high results in any subject while the ones with lower memory skills will drop behind. In fact, anyone can train their memory skills with diverse methods. Look them up in the internet or just ask your friends and family for advice. After implementing the techniques, you will definitely be able to improve your grades in school.

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Impossible is nothing. So, try out the above-mentioned techniques and improve your grades already in the next semester. Moreover, never underestimate your capabilities and keep working on self-development.

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