How to Find a Good Job in Your Field of Study after Graduation

The end of the bachelor program rises us to the challenge of job search. All of us hope that our specialization is in demand and years of studying were not useless. Using the following advice will help you to have a better position in the labor market in your field of study after graduation.

However, do you know that half of graduates after college were unemployed, according to a government data? The time when a bachelor degree easily provides you with a job and a promising career is over. Be prepared for searching a job that is not always connected with your specialization, career experts say.

Work Experience

One of the most important ways to open the career opportunities is gaining work experience. During your studies, you can apply for an internship, a part-time job, a research project or volunteer work. Of course, you are allowed to do more than one of these.

An internship improves your vocational attractiveness and provides two other benefits: professional contacts and opportunity to try whether this job meets your abilities and expectations.


Start trying to find employers in your field! Build a network of people who can help in your job searches. Professors and academic advisors can recommend you some career opportunities. In addition, these people also can serve as mentors who will assist you in each step of career preparation and job search.


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Grades and GPA

Your grades and GPA perform a central role while searching for your first job out of college. Employers pay more attention to your success in the courses of your major. It is a good way to sum up your ability to achieve goals. In addition, it depends on an employer what is more important – grades or work experience. The win-win is to stay tune.

Be Prepared to Seize All Opportunities

Keep an open mind about your career. Think about searching the first job with no focus on special position. Be prepared to use all opportunities and don’t limit yourself, career experts recommend. It may happen that you will miss a better position because of your unreasonable stubbornness.

Market Yourself

Think about the job searching as if it is your own start-up project. You have to market yourself. Prepare a CV and resume for each position, learn how to give an interview and constantly improve job-related skills. Manage your own brand identity: create a LinkedIn account and your own website or blog. Promote your brand through emailing the companies you want to apply and make sure your emails have been read and not lost.

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Following these simple tips, first job search and future career building won’t be so painful and you will avoid potential disappointment.

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