High School Survival Tips: Top Grades

In high school, the great responsibility, which cannot be handed over to someone else, falls on your shoulders. You are supposed to make decisions, solve problems, manage time by yourself, and not expect from your parents to carry this burden for you. It sounds difficult, but it is not actually if to make this plunging into adult life gradual, not headlong. Make small steps at first and success is guaranteed.

The best point to start from is to ensure your high school grades are indeed high. Why is that a must-do? It is because the grades are the key to your dream college, a chance to get scholarship, and the basis for pursuing the chosen career. How can it be done? As easy as stealing a candy from a baby! Just follow the steps below:

Step 1. Become an Eager Beaver

Think of something that can motivate and make you ambitious to get better grades. Do you want to study in a distinguished university or win a scholarship to a renowned college? Do you want to make your parents proud or reach the summit of the Everest? Pick the goal and burn midnight oil to achieve it by meeting smaller objectives.


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Challenge yourself to receive straight A’s in the class that you do not like, do extra credit assignments, do not procrastinate writing essays, finish all the assigned readings or maintain the average grade at the desired level. Small achievements are hard to accomplish but very rewarding in the long run.

Fortunately, life with adult responsibilities is not devoid of enjoyable things. Efforts are often recognized and compensated. That is why make sure to indulge in something pleasant after coping with one of the set challenges. Buy something, make a trip or have an idle evening to watch Netflix in pajamas and with pizza.

Step 2. Be Organized

Proper organization of your time, working process, and place is of paramount importance for academic excellence. You may create a schedule with tasks, due dates, and make to-do lists in a notebook or via numerous smartphone apps. Do not forget to spare some time for socializing and hobbies.

Arrange your notes and class handouts by date and/or topic. In such a way, you will be able not only to retrieve information easily but also memorize it better. Use binders and stickers to keep your workplace neat and maximize the efficiency.

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3. Acquire Study Habits

Habits that you develop while studying in high school will come in handy in college and workplace. There are a few examples of habits that you might want to form:

  • Never be late for classes;
  • Do the tasks right after they were assigned;
  • Implement big projects in portions;
  • Avoid cramming for the exam;
  • Reread notes before each class.

When following these steps, you may encounter some difficulties on the way as it happens to everyone. Do not get discouraged and stay committed. Not a single person did anything perfectly at the first attempt. So, do not pity yourself but start over.

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