Helpful Hints to Write a Thematic Essay

Key Elements of a Successful Thematic Essay

Every written work has its purpose. It may be to teach a lesson, display the influence of a certain emotion, or depict the reaction to some action. One thing remains unchanged: a central theme is always developed. When trying to puzzle out what the author tried to hide between the lines, we make our first steps of writing thematic essays.

What Is the Nature of a Thematic Essay?

According to a dictionary, a thematic essay is a piece of writing in which an author develops a central theme in literature using literary devices (foreshadowing, imagery, and personification). The main task of a writer is to unveil the primary subject and prove the importance of the theme. Because everyone has their own viewpoint on various subjects, it is difficult to reach agreement on a central theme, a thematic essay is grounded on literary devices and logical arguments.

Classic Examples of Thematic Essay Topics

  • What does George Orwell intend to show after depicting a "Perfect Utopia" in his book 1984?
  • What does Harper Lee think about being innocent in her novel To Kill A Mockingbird?
  • What is John's Steinbeck opinion about solitude in Of Mice and Men?
  • What attributes of the concept of American Dream does F. Scott Fitzgerald bring up in The Great Gatsby?

How to Find and Research the Central Theme?

Undoubtedly, revealing the major subject and central theme is the groundwork of a thematic essay. However, it gets hard to decide on the main subject. Follow these guides to do everything correctly:

  • Sum up literature: When flicking through the literature, there will be many hints along the way that will direct you to the main idea correctly.
  • Choose the most widespread subject: The difference between a subject and a theme is that the subject is the general topic of speaking where there will be love, courage, and deceit whereas a theme is a special point that an author introduces about the abovementioned subject. The focus of an essay is the most frequently talking point being raised.
  • Think analytically: Having found a subject, try to guess what is the main point the author wants to highlight. The deeper you immerse yourself in the literature, the clearer it becomes.
  • General significance: What is the general significance of the author's point? What moral can we draw from this and how to apply it practically?

Thematic Essay Draft

The thematic essay has a strict structure. Firstly, there should be five paragraphs or even more, depending on the magnitude of the theme. Secondly, it must contain the thesis that summarizes the main point of the essay in one sentence. The body paragraphs each present one or more elements to prove the argumentativeness of the thought. Eventually, the conclusion sums up all presented arguments and also contains points of general significance.

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