Handy Tips for Diving in a Freelance Career

Freelancing as a writer might become either rewarding or overwhelming experience. Also, this is a great resource but often misunderstood by beginners.

Find Your Niche

It is obviously easier to make a profit of what you actually love, but you can’t imagine how overwhelming it might be to take a lot of various assignments and to live in serious deadlines. Once I blamed myself for having taken a mathematical topic because they pay dollar a word. It’ll be really hard if you’re like me and hate math.

So what can you do? Limits help you to be focused. Create a list of approximate 10 niches and then choose your top three. After figuring out your general niche you will be paid for what you love.

Don’t be Depressed

In case you do not have a lot of experience, you can start writing for small online magazines or trade journals. Being a guest blog writer is also a good start.

Why Trade Journals?

  • Experience is not really required for trading journals.
  • A popular belief says that they pay low, but in reality, they pay as good as big press.
  • Market is quite hidden, and it makes it less competitive.
  • It looks really great on your resume.

Guest Blog Writing

Numerous blogs are making endless possibilities for a writer. Bloggers often need some help with generating new content. Moreover, your works are going to be seen by potential clients. Don’t be afraid to help even very popular blogs. They also need help.


Number of pages

Using a query letter to represent yourself and catch editors’ attention is quite controversial. Often, magazines, bloggers or trade journals don’t need it.

But in case they do, it’s really not that complicated. I did it once, and when I understood how easy it is, it became less terrifying. You should remember only one thing – editors have no time for reading useless information. Go straight to the key point:

  • Think of the tone and style of a blog or an article – comical, provocative, serious, honest, etc;
  • Inform the editor about your considerations;
  • Take into account all essential details;
  • Be accurate and short.

Maybe, you have other tips to help other freelance writers? What is your story about starting a freelance writing career? Tell us about it below, in comments.

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