Finding a Dream Job after Graduation

Graduation from high school or college, the experience shows, can be daunting. There is so much pressure on young individuals at this, probably, most sensitive of times: it is for the first time in life of the youngsters that relatives and educators apply so much pressure on them. All things considered, career choice has proved itself to be a recognized and serious issue.

Some of the studies published most recently provide the list of subjects majoring in which can actually make one’s professional life profitable. However, competence and knowledge, the researchers claim, are not enough to make one a good specialist. To succeed, a person should have a keen interest in their respective field.

One should be aware of the fact that studying at a higher education establishment can be costly. The payoff one gets may vary considerably, largely depending on the major itself.

One of the recent studies reports that people with a major in education and nursing (healthcare) have more job opportunities. Assuming that the foregoing statement is correct, specialists in arts and architecture face higher unemployment rate. Specifically, the researchers found that circa 5.7 percent of students who major in these fields face employment difficulties, as opposed to 12.8 percent of graduates of undergraduate of architecture programs.


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On the one hand, the choice of a major most certainly might have an impact on how much money one makes. Anthony Carnevale of the Georgetown University, on the other hand, makes a statement that “what your field of study is ends up being the most important thing”. Therefore, the specialists suggest choosing a major that teaches specific skills. This, however, in no way diminishes the merits of disciplines dealing with more abstract areas of study. Anyways, what really matters is having a keen interest in the expertise of choice.The findings reported by the specialists of Georgetown University suggest that there is an inexplicable causal connection between the labor market conditions and applicants’ choice of major. The specialists of Georgetown University have found that the average unemployment rates for people in their 20s are higher than that for the older employees. Particularly, the scholars have estimated that the overall unemployment rates for college graduates in the early 2010s were about 7.9 percent. Another research has specified that studying at a higher education establishment (college in particular) pays for itself, regardless of soaring student’s loan debt and high tuition costs.

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Basically, the choice of major depends on applicant’s own preferences. Therefore, there is no unambiguous, agreed-on set of recommendations concerning career choices. What is essential for becoming an expert in the chosen major is having a keen interest in the subject that one might have to deal with throughout their professional life.

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