Example of Recommendation in Research Paper

The aim of recommendation in the research paper is to give a beneficial guide that will not only provide resolutions to arising issues but will also give a beneficial outcome. Depending on the situation in question, recommendations may vary. One thing that is obvious is that the example of recommendation letter is always based on particular data and cannot be speculated since it is not a hypothesis.

Recently, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), a Japanese company that specializes in video games, has produced stable income and is deemed a successful and reputable company. However, despite all their successes on the market and considerable gross revenue, their popularity among loyal customers started to decrease since they constantly attempt to introduce innovations by producing questionable gaming systems while their employees do not know how to present them properly. For this reason, the whole company is in a highly precarious plight where the need of a top-notch recommendation is not just the right thing to have, but something that may save the situation.


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In the first place, in order to mitigate the impact of the described issue, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) needs to conduct a complete overhaul of their company and draw up the most feasible plan of actions. From this, it is evident that in order to put it into action, the company should engage their main resources to properly evaluate their positive outcomes. This is a fundamental thing to do, as it will not only guarantee a desired outcome in the future but will also eliminate the problems that the company faces at present.

Having the data obtained from research, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) should invest all their resources to provide training for their personnel with the aim to ensure that the employees will work assiduously towards success.This step is crucial to make sure that each individual in the company is cognizant of the company's new policy, as well as to ensure that the policy is being implemented itself.

At the same time, with the brand-new policy and employers fully cognizant of it, there is a need for a new marketing campaign, especially on the Internet, since most people spend most of their leisure time online. The marketing campaign should display groundbreaking changes concerning service and in which way these brand-new systems are better than those offered by their prime competitors. Such an approach will not only secure a solid position on the market but will also ensure that the company will not face any pressing issues in the future.

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In conclusion, Computer Entertainment (SCE) is now suffering a serious setback that is not only a hurdle on the way to success but can also become the main cause of bankruptcy, which in no way can be considered as a positive outcome. However, if Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) puts all the above-mentioned recommendations into action, the result will not only eliminate a problem but will also lead the company towards a new customer and successes, which is the main aim of recommendations.

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