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Example essays exists to shed the light on the techniques of academic writing for those students who don’t have enough experience in it. International relations essays can be distinguished by the fact that they combine different spheres of studies, such as economics, history, law, etc., into one. The following essay is a sample of typical academic writing and can be used as a structure model for those who start studying international relations and need to fulfill writing assignments.

The Background of Tense Relationship between China, Japan, and South Korea

Throughout history, the situation in Eastern Asia has never been simple. The rivalry between China, Japan, and South Korea has deep roots and goes back in time; however, the situation has never improved dramatically. Since the approach of dealing with conflicts with diplomacy ousted the tradition to attack your neighbors with barbaric violence, some steps have been taken towards improving the relations between China, Japan, and South Korea. However, the situation remains tense.


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It is hard to determine what exactly had undermined the relationships between these three countries, but a professor of history from the University of Vermont, Peter Seybolt favors the idea that the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895) was the turning point in the history of the mentioned countries. The tremendously powerful China was completely defeated by the Empire of Japan that was on its rise. At the same time, the destiny of Korea, a then vassal of China, was determined, and it was forcefully put under the ownership of Japan despite its protests.

However, the First Sino-Japanese War was just a rehearsal for what came next. When the 20th century arrived, Japan was on a mission of becoming the most powerful force in Asia.The leaders of the Japanese Empire realized the tough position their county ended up in. For years, they had been heavily dependent on the economic help of other countries while the Japanese islands had very meagre resources. The only solution of saving their nation from starvation was moving forward in land and occupying the territories that already belonged to China.

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Although the reasoning behind this invasion could be understood, the blood chilling violence with which the Japanese entered the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) will always stay beyond comprehension. The most tragic event of both Sino-Japanese and Second World Wars took place in the Chinese city of Nanking. What is engraved in history as the Rape of Nanking cost lives to approximately 300.000 Chinese people who were raped and murdered with unheard-of brutality over the course of six weeks. Unfortunately, the names and real numbers of victims will never be known because Japan managed to destroy the records. Although it happened in 1937, and Japan is now a different country led by modern values, many Chinese people will never be able to forgive the worst massacre in their history.

The historic background of China and Korea, which both suffered from Japan, is the main thing standing in the way of good relationships between the countries. Although it is evident that modern Japan has nothing in common with its 20th century ancestor, the grudges cannot be forgotten that quickly.

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