Custom Papers Example: Argumentative Essay

Writing paper as a school assignment can be tricky. Be it lack of inspiration, time, or skill with words, every one of us encountered obstacles when writing college papers. Luckily, in the modern time of the Internet, it is rather easy to buy cheap custom research papers online. Surely, with such a vast array of writing services, you must understand that lower price doesn’t always mean that you will get an essay of outstanding quality. That’s why we offer you custom term paper examples. The following is an argumentative essay example.

Importance of Good Education

It is hard to live in the modern world without proper education, however, lots of people still neglect it. It is rather important to work hard towards getting educated as it influences our position amongst other people and brings much more value to our lives. The list of benefits of education is enormous. Nonetheless, two pros can be outlined as the most vital: personal development and better living.

Ability to learn changes our lives in a lot of unique ways. Apart from the information and skills that we acquire, there are also self-discipline, motivation, time management, socialization, communication, and a lot more. Being praised for doing something properly or punished for wrongdoings either brings up our self-esteem or teaches us to diversify well from bad. This is a crucial step in raising a child into a fully functional member of healthy society. Different studies indicate that there is a direct link between the feeling of self-worth, satisfaction in life, happiness and being an educated person.


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It goes without saying that proper education broadens our possibilities in terms of what we want and can do. Not only we gain new, vast knowledge, we also acquire communication and relationships skills that will certainly help us move up the career ladder. Statistically, there is a clear dependence of having an education and earning a higher salary. Individuals who received their education are usually out of an unemployment danger zone and have bigger wages, which means more possibilities to make their and their families’ lives better. Educated people are less likely to go to prison, show signs of violence because they don’t struggle to make a living.

Going to college is an essential part of receiving a good education, however, you can’t apply there without getting through a good high school first. And once you’ve accomplished both high school and college levels of studies, your life is bound to get noticeably better and easier. It is worth mentioning, though, that even if you only can afford high school education, it is already enough to stand out from the crowd.

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Even basic education is essential, as it gives us basic means to start working and earning: literacy, math, teamwork, communication, etc., these are the basics for independence and ability to work. Overall, there are numerous perks of getting an education, and all of them in one way or another influence our life satisfaction and happiness.

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