Common Mistakes in Writing Dissertation

High school and college may often make you feel that you have got too many assignments and projects to complete. Moreover, these days each course requires students to write a dissertation. To be honest, writing a dissertation quite often becomes discouraging. Your grade depends on how you write about the work you have done, and if you fail to do that, you will not get a good score. However, after doing the research and implementation, often it is too complicated and exhausting to write everything down in details. Therefore, you can become a bit careless and miss something important or make mistakes, which might cost you your grade, even though the project was great.

Here are the most common mistakes in writing dissertations, which you have to avoid at all costs.

Choosing a Topic

This is the first step in working on any project. And at the same time, this is the first step where you can go wrong. Avoid selecting a topic that is too mainstream and uninteresting. This can significantly influence your grade.


Number of pages

Doing Research

One of the most common mistakes is doing inadequate amount of research. Once you have chosen the topic for your dissertation, you have to do proper research on it. If you do not do this, your content will be considered naïve because of the lack of knowledge on the chosen topic. Superficial research can lead to troubles as you are supposed to know everything about this selected topic. Make every effort to find as much information as it is possible.


You always have to add something new and valuable to any existing work. If you do not do this, your dissertation will be simply considered plagiarized and the paper might even be rejected.

Grammatical Errors

I hope you understand the difference between “its” and “it’s.” Such grammatical mistakes as “except/accept,” “their/there,” “effect/affect” are the ones we generally make. Make sure you are attentive enough to notice and correct each of them.


For example, when you use technical language too much and do not explain it, things can go really wrong. Keep in mind that not each of your professors is technical, and if they do not understand what you want to say, it will eventually reflect poorly on you.

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Time Management

If you start working on your project too late or too early, it can impact the entire timeline of the writing. Starting it too early means you did not perform sufficient research and it can easily be detected by your professor. Starting too late can lead to writing the entire dissertation haphazardly and missing important details.


You should use different academic formats for different kinds of writing assignments. You should avoid mixing up the types of write-ups for research papers, essays, and dissertations. Remember that haphazard formatting leaves a bad impression.


You can avoid multiple problems if you proofread your paper thoroughly. You can easily remove all kinds of mistakes, which are discussed above through careful proofreading.

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