Bullying in Schools

Many students from all over the world face bullying in schools. Because of such acts, pupils are injured or even sometimes killed. Educational sector representatives do everything they can to solve such a serious problem and discourage pupils from such behavior. Among numerous strategies designed to prevent bullying in schools, there is a modern and effective one – writing persuasive essays on bullying.

The writer has to persuade readers to act or accept a certain point of view; in this case, it is preventing bullying in schools. Here are five basic steps on writing such kind of paper.

  • Prewriting stage. On this stage, you should think about what bullying is and define your position. In addition, at this stage, you have to do a thorough research and identify persuasive pieces of evidence.
  • Organizing. Now you should create an outline. As a rule, such kind of papers consists of 5 or 6 paragraphs, including the introductory part, several body paragraphs each concentrating on a new piece of evidence, an opposing opinion part and the concluding paragraph.
  • Writing a draft. Make sure you begin your essay with some interesting fact or statement that will help you grab the reader’s attention right away. Present your argument in the main body in different ways with the help of terms and some background information. In the conclusion, summarize the vital evidence and include an encouragement of the reader to accept or refuse your opinion.
  • Revising a paper. Make sure your essay answers the questions on the topic, check whether it has proper content and is well organized.
  • Editing, proofreading and formatting the paper.

Here are also some good pieces of advice on writing a persuasive essay:

  • Create a plan with the most important points to describe in the paper.
  • Make sure your language is clear.
  • Support your point of view with facts, examples and statistical data.
  • Use a suitable tone.
  • Do your best to persuade students that intimidation is unacceptable.
  • Include the information about most common kinds of intimidation.
  • Concentrate on the care about victims of bullying and show your sympathy to them so that the reader could commiserate and support them.
  • Describe the ways of recognition of potential criminals and preventing similar incidents.

With the help of the tips presented in this article, you can make your essay more persuasive. Please keep in mind that bullying has become a very serious problem in educational institutions and we must take preventive actions. It is possible to achieve results only if students are involved, too.

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