Benefits of Being Twins

Many lonely people dream of a brother or sister. Twins are lucky because they can always rely not only on a brother or sister but also on a good friend. The phenomenon of twins has interested researchers since ancient times, because the birth of twins was an unusual thing, causing surprise and curiosity. This situation was the subject of images in various genres of folklore, such as myths, fairytales, legends, songs, ballads, and other types of folk art. It was reflected in cults and rituals, in art, fiction, and poetry.

In fact, even identical twins have significant genetic differences. Although they begin their existence with identical DNA, genetic changes may occur already in the early stages of fetal development. This fact may partly explain why some pairs of twins can develop differently during their life, for example, when one of them gets a chronic disease, and the other one remains healthy.

Friendship between Twins

As a rule, twins are united by faithful friendship. They are practically inseparable from each other, they try to express themselves equally in everything, and as a result, they become absolutely identical. These are twins, who do not recognize their reflection in the mirror. The especially strong similarity of interests and temperaments is observed in monozygotic (identical) twin pairs. Here are a few advantages of being twins:

  • You can always hope that there is a person nearby who will give you understanding and support in a difficult situation.
  • You have a friend who will help you in the case when relationships with friends are not going well.
  • You can solve complex problems together.

Health of Twins

Many studies have confirmed the fact that twins live longer than men and women who are not twins. Studies conducted by Danish scientists have shown that identical twins, on average, live 4-5 years longer than other people. One of the possible reasons for this phenomenon is the strong social connection that arises between the twins, forcing them to take more responsibility for their actions and others.


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Blood Ties

This is the most important plus of being twins. Of course, at an early age, it is not so important, and some people even neglect this advantage. However, over the years, the awareness of real life, material values, and spiritual connections appear. Every year, more and more relatives and friends leave this world. Friends can betray you. All these situations can be experienced much easier if there is a brother or sister in your life who will support you and help in difficult times.

Salvation from Boredom and Loneliness

You will always have someone to talk with before bedtime. You do not have to spend winter or summer holidays alone. Even getting sick will be much more fun together. Any girl would be glad to have a sister. You can dress her up in a bright dress, make her a beautiful haircut, put on a bunch of jewelry, and even do makeup to each other. Girls can become best friends, because, as usual, twins have similar interests. Boys can play with cars, run, and have fun together. Separation of duties is one of the nicest advantages of being twins. All duties at home may be distributed equally. It can make your life much easier.

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Mutual Support and Understanding

Having a twin brother or sister means that there is always a close person nearby who understands your problems like no one else. No matter what problems you have, conflicts at school, college, or at home, brother or sister will help you survive difficult periods of life.

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