Argumentative Essay on Abortion

Abortion is one of the most frequently chosen topics for argumentative essays. It is undoubted that this issue is highly controversial and sensitive from ethical and moral aspects. Multiple people oppose abortion, while many others think that sometimes it is the only way out for a woman. When you have to write an essay on abortion, you have to do a profound research, analyze all pros and cons of this issue and choose the side you will take. You can also formulate your own opinion on the issue and demonstrate it in your essay.

Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay on Abortion

Anti-Abortion Essay

People who oppose the idea of abortion consider it as an unnatural, immoral and cruel act. For this reason, they want abortions to be banned, with no exceptions. They say that abortion is equal to a murder and even suggest imposing criminal responsibility for the people who are going to do it. Opponents of abortion think that it cannot be considered ethical in any way and that it damages all social norms and morals. They think that the concept of abortion is dangerous for the social life development.
If you want to write an essay opposing abortion, you can use the abovementioned points to support your opinion.


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Pro-Abortion Essay

People who support the idea of abortion say that there is nothing wrong in doing it in case the circumstances require it. They also say that abortion should be the personal choice of a pregnant woman and she must never be forced to do an abortion or to keep the child if she wants the opposite. In some situations, abortion is the only way out. For example, if a woman became pregnant after a rape or incest, she must have an opportunity to do an abortion. Proponents of abortion also say that some women are simply not ready to become mothers or do not have enough money to raise the child. In such cases, they also need to have the choice.

The arguments for abortion are also strong. If you want to take this position in your essay, you may use them.

The Status of a Fetus

Understanding the status of a fetus is important to decide whether abortion is good or bad in a particular situation. In case one considers a fetus to be a person, abortion can be considered a murder. However, often a fetus is not taken as a person until a certain pregnancy stage. In this situation, it is up to the pregnant woman to decide whether to keep this baby or not.

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If you want to discuss the issue of abortion from this point, you can analyze who is right or wrong in this discussion. For that, include related materials and check the opinions of experts.

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