America's Best Cities for Summer Travel

People are often in love with some cities only during a particular season of the year. Actually, it is not weird, since, as a proverb says, “Different strokes for different folks.” In this article we’d like to present the American cities that are worth visiting especially in summer.

1. Chicago is a city, which was definitely created for a summer period. Pleasant weather combined with inspiring mood makes up a perfect lively atmosphere. In July, in particular, you’ll be able to play volleyball on the beach, taste some scrumptious food in the restaurant or enjoy the hypnotizing view of fireworks. According to America’s Favorite City survey, Chicago is included in the top 20 summer destinations. It has become a tradition for Travel + Leisure readers to assess cities considering such factors as amazing food or great shopping. Moreover, they vote for the best season of the year for traveling to a specific place. Interestingly, more Americans (59% in comparison to 51% last year) will opt for a vacation this summer.


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2. Apart from Chicago, Americans choose such destinations as San Diego, Los Angeles, and Honolulu, which are associated with holidays at the beach. Don’t miss out the opportunity to be caressed by the bright sunrays and friendly wind as well as enjoy the gentleness of water. All of them are also in the top 20 list.

3. One more city that made it to the top 20 is Kansas City, which offers its tourists a variety of festivals, barbecue parties, and entertaining outdoor activities. Although the weather is boiling hot in summer, this city managed to secure its position mostly because of summer food.

4. Portland, ME together with New England City are holding high positions as well. They’ve already rested enough in winter and are ready to welcome both the locals and foreign tourists again!

5. Providence and Minneapolis are cities that can’t live without making summer days go crazy. They think of diverse activities such as organizing a race around the lake or creating boats out of milk cartons to engage people in the outdoor fun. So, if you consider yourself an active and energetic person, these destinations are a perfect match for you!

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We’re all happy that summer is eventually here, and we cannot wait until our working hours are gone, so we can devote our time to a relaxing and at the same time inspiring adventure. These highly ranked destinations will undoubtedly help to achieve your aim. Moreover, you’d be able to discover diversity and multiculturalism of the U.S. So, don’t waste your time and create a list with must-visit places for this summer right now!

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