9 Great Resources for Discovering Well-Paid Freelance Writing Opportunities

Good news is that the Internet is full of the companies and individuals that can pay decent remuneration for your time and skills. The trick is in knowing where and how to find them. Don’t miss your chance.

  • BloggingPro Job Board: This is a great listing for bloggers. You can find gigs on pets, fitness, writing code, and many more. BloggingPro has a lot of employers who are looking for the skilled blog writers from different areas of expertise.
  • Freelance Writing Gigs: This one is much safer than Craigslist because it excludes posts that have high probability of being scams. Nevertheless, be very careful when selecting jobs and take precautions even if a job offer looks safe.
  • Journalism Jobs: The name makes it obvious that this is a resource dedicated to journalism job opportunities. A lot of copywriting and editing jobs are also available there. Some of the jobs can be completed remotely, while others are location-based.
  • LinkedIn Jobs: If you don’t have a profile in this social media network – create it right now. If you already have it, don’t let it just exist – use it! Networking is an important element of being a freelancer, and LinkedIn is full of great networking opportunities. You can check the section called “Jobs” and allow getting email alerts in order to receive notifications when jobs that you are interested in are being posted. Most of the opportunities that you will receive will most probably be location-based. However, you can easily offer a prospective employer to perform that job remotely. Sometimes it works.
  • Media Bistro: See the freelance section of MediaBistro for job opportunities in various industries, such as PR/marketing, TV, book and magazine publishing, social media and many others.
  • Morning Coffee Newsletter: contain a cool and unique selection of freelance writing and editing jobs.. Pay rates are competitive and very attractive.
  • ProBlogger Job Board: A job board from the genius blogger Darren Rowse is bound to be a good one. The jobs listed on ProBlogger are from reputable employers who know how much a good piece of writing costs.
  • Sophie Lizard’s eBook: Being a brilliant freelance blogger herself, Sophie Lizard has created a free ebook that includes 45 blogs, which pay $50 per post or more. Tips on promoting yourself and contacting these blogs correctly are also included in her ebook.
  • 50 Markets That Pay Freelance Writers 10 Cents Per Word: The only item on the list that you have to pay for. But it costs only $5, and offers great information that can help you to find excellent, well-paid gigs.

Web Sites that should be Avoided

Very often, people who are just getting started, think about going to such resources as Elance, oDesk and Guru. Don’t do this, because you will find it almost impossible to win a project. You’ll be competing with thousands of desperate freelancers who are ready to work for the lowest bid. Don’t sell yourself because you’re just getting started. There are lots of more attractive alternatives.

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