8 Famous Sportsmen Who Have Become Movie Stars

Movies about sport are interesting for many people. Who can play the role of a sportsman in a movie better than a famous sport celebrity himself? Probably no one. Here is a list of popular sportsmen who successfully starred in movies.

Vinnie Jones

This handsome man is famous for his achievements in football. Due to his genuine talent and natural charm, he starred in a great amount of popular movies and TV series including Gone in 60 Seconds, EuroTrip, X-Men: The Last Stand and Arrow.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Not many people know that before becoming the governor of California and saving the Earth from different threats as Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a famous bodybuilder and gained the title of Mr. Universe. After performing in numerous films, the actor continues his career in cinematography and is planning to appear in a new movie of Sylvester Stallone The Expendables.

Dwayne Johnson

In past Dwayne was a famous wrestler who started his acting career in 2002 in the movie The Scorpion King. Public loves Dwayne Johnson for his amazing roles in comedy films such as Reno 911!: Miami and Tooth Fairy. If you have not watched his recent comedy film Central Intelligence yet, you should do that immediately!


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Quinton Jackson

Being a UFC heavyweight Champion, Quinton Jackson also acted in such movies about mixed martial arts as The Midnight Meat Train, Duel of Legends and Never Surrender. His role in the comedy The A-Team fully revealed his skills of a comic actor.

Eric Cantona

This international footballer from France ended his playing career at Manchester United. In his recent film Looking for Eric the former footballer proves that successful sportsmen are ordinary humans.

Mike Tyson

Even children know Mike Tyson for his successful career in box. Being always serious on the ring, Tyson looked hilarious in the comedy movie Hangover. After taking part in it, Tyson admitted that this role changed his life.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, the legend of martial arts, who developed his unique style of combat, was a role-model for many generations. Surprisingly, by the age of 18 he took part in 20 movies. The most popular movies in Bruce Lee’s filmography are Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon and Game of Death.

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Michael Jordan

In past Michael Jordan was a famous basketball player who won 2 Olympic Gold Medals. In 1996, he starred as himself in the sports comedy Space Jam, in which he acted together with Looney Tunes characters.

According to Lion Feuchtwanger “talented person is talented everywhere”. This statement is proved by world-famous sportsmen who successfully represented their mastery in different films, which made a significant contribution to the world’s cinematography.

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