7 Free Things to Make You Happier

Hunting for money steals our life enthusiasm and relaxation. People start each day with a plan of how to earn more. Will money make them more satisfied tomorrow? To some extent, they will feel safer, but in no way happier. They will simply have no time for happiness in their business and career pursuit.
It is obvious that the amount of money in our pockets is not equivalent to the amount of happiness in our souls. However, contemporary people have forgotten the ways of having fun without spending money. Let us remind a few for you!

1.Make a dish from your fridge ingredients. You should be creative, but the result will be impressive. You will surely feel a real master. Do not forget to invite your friends for a potluck beforehand! Have much fun with no expenses!

2.Take photos of everything you love. The emotions the pictures will bring later would be invaluable. Today, we do not have to buy a tape and a developer to look through the photos. One click is enough for the good mood. So, just do it!


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3.Go hiking and camping. The emotions you will experience in harmony with nature will fill you with power and energy for the next week or two. It is marvelous that the most beautiful and most precious things we have in our life are free. Take a chance to look at the sky and dream for a while.

4.Make phone calls to friends you did not see for a long time. You surely will be overcome with emotions! Life rush engages us in the routine so much that we even do not have a minute to say “hello.” Show your friend you care about them!

5.Do something for the sake of people around you. Offer help, give presents, cook a dessert, help with bags, donate clothes, anything you can do to help or make others happier is welcome. You did not waste a day if you have done even one good thing.

6.Have a lazy day of doing nothing. Just you, your bed, Netflix or a book. We dream about it so often within working week. Why not to make your dreams come true? Besides, after a couple of such days, you will appreciate your being busy.

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7.Organize a clothes exchange with your friends. Apart from shopping, there are other fashion activities! Combine your stuff with the clothes of your friends and you will double the number of fresh outlooks. Make photos, enjoy the process and have a lot of fun without extra expenses.

This short list of activities is just to give a start for your ideas. Good luck in your undertaking! Life can be much simpler than it is described by media and society. A little creativity and mind sharpness will make you a free person.

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