5 Simple Techniques That Will Let You Study Better

There are several things that college students get to enjoy in abundance. Sadly, free time is not one of them. Demanding course load, social life, and work schedule hardly leave enough time to sleep. Students can’t afford to spend a day playing video games or watching TV if they truly want to succeed. But even with all the dedication and energy people can fail. In addition to being persistent, young people have to be smart about studying. Here are a couple of techniques everyone should use to overcome difficulties, relieve stress, and get ready to ace finals.

Schedule your study session

Open a Google Sheet. Stare at it. Now, write down everything you did last week, including all the hours you’ve wasted scrolling through Instagram and procrastinating. Look at it critically. Create a new schedule that would only include essential, nonnegotiable things. Stick to your classes, meals, and shifts at work. After that, choose a time that you’d feel comfortable dedicating to studying. Mark all of these in red. This is the core of your schedule. Treat it as if it’s set in stone and plan all your other activities around it. You have to understand that just as you can’t simply skip a class on a whim or because you’re particularly lazy that day, you can’t miss a study session.


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Include other people in your sessions

You can combine social and academic activities. Simply organize or join a study group. Making plans with other people will make it less likely for you to miss your regular study time. Besides, studying and revising together is a lot more productive than cramming on your own.

Don’t rush to leave after class

Studying straight after classes is great, because lessons put you in a particular set of mind. You are so focused on acquiring and processing knowledge that it is simply criminal to waste it. And if your tutor has a habit of staying afterwards too, you’ll get a unique opportunity to communicate with them and ask questions outside the set office hours.

Use technology

Smartphones are good for more than taking selfies and tweeting. Download an app of your choosing and set up constant reminders to reinforce your schedule. All people tend to slack off from time to time, and this is why you need to motivate and stimulate yourself as much as possible. This will help to develop good, productive habits and become the person you want to be.

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Sticky notes

Hand written reminders are pretty low-tech, but many studies prove that you are far more likely to remember things you’ve written down than those you’ve typed. Plus, bright colored pieces of paper stuck all over your room are visual prompts that can actually guilt you into working.

These tricks are really simple to follow, you just need to make them a habit. Remember that time is your most precious treasure, so do not waste it on unnecessary things.

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