5 Cheapest Places to Travel on the US Dollar

The currency of each country has its strong and weak times. The same is with the US dollar. While you live in the USA, it does not matter much. Of course, you are confused with the situation, but as you are not a Wall Street trader, it does not profoundly influence your budget. However, it does matter, when you go abroad. When the local currency of the country you are going to visit is lower, than the US dollar, you will be able to get more services cheaper; therefore, if it is higher, you should take more money with you.

Let us consider the most financially beneficial places to go for Americans.


The most expensive part of the trip is the flying. The rest is just enjoying. You can see majestic Taj Mahal and have a rest on the beaches of Goa for just $20 per day. Of course, you can be fancy and demanding, but you should try very much to spend $50 per day. Isn’t it fantastic?

The East Europe

The cheapest part of Europe is its eastern part. You will be overfilled with service, views, markets and interesting places to visit in Romania or Bulgaria. You will live like a king for $50 per day, besides there are many interesting things to buy for nothing. Therefore, do not forget to buy an extra valise.


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This country is much cheaper today than it used to be. It is the result of the crisis. However, you can benefit from the situation and enjoy delicious food, cozy beaches, and picturesque islands three times cheaper than before. Moreover, there are not so many crowds of curious tourists, as before the crisis, what cannot make your journey less sentimental.


Another country going through the national crisis, and thus offering hospitable prices for tourists, is Argentina. The country of history, wine, football, culture and pretty people affords a visitor to spend $40-50 per day. Agree that it is almost for nothing counting that Buenos Aires is the most densely populated city in the world. Besides, most of its inhabitants speak English well, so you won’t get yourself into some terrible predicaments.

5. South Korea

It is impossible to bust your budget in this country, because everything, especially food, is very cheap. Astonish yourself with Korean BBQ including drinks for $8. I take it that Korea is the cheapest country for traveling of Southern Asia having stunning countryside. So many things for the feast for the eyes and stomach the tourists can find here without running to waste.

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Even if you live from hand to mouth in the USA, it is possible to spend a luxury vacation abroad. All you need to do is to think a little and visit a country where your meager earnings will turn high.

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