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No Motivation for Doing Homework?

There are ups and downs in lives of all students, and the problem may be the lack of motivation to work hard and do homework. Students certainly face various temptations every day; some of those temptations are social networks, good weather, video games, movies, etc. This article will address how to become enthusiastic about doing homework and how to benefit from studying at home.

The Main Rules of Getting Motivation to Do Homework

No financial resources, specific knowledge, or special preparations have to be performed for a student to become motivated to do homework. All you have to do is to follow a few simple rules and it will become your routine to do homework on time. Continue reading →

Writing a Paper with a Word Limit of 5000 Symbols

Whenever you complete a written assignment, it is necessary to be aware of all the nuances of requirements on its length and organization. Knowing these peculiarities, you will get to know what is the right way to distribute information, what to pay attention to, and how to schedule your time effectively.

It doesn’t matter if you already know what number of pages has a 5000-word essay or not, there are some aspects you should keep in mind: Continue reading →

Social Strain Theory

The social strain is a state of potential participants in social conflicts, expressed in emotions, moods, attitudes, judgments, and behavior that characterize anxiety, uncertainty, fear, aggression, mistrust, cruelty, etc. It characterizes the state of mind, consciousness, and behavior of social subjects.

The social strain is a massive adaptation syndrome, which reflects the degree phychological adaptation of various categories of the population to chronic frustration or difficulties (lower living standards and social changes). Social strains manifest themselves in a sharp increase in discontent, distrust of the authorities, conflict in society, anxiety, economic and mental depression, rush demand, worsening of the demographic situation, compensatory reactions (aggression, searching for enemies, and hope for a miracle), stressor of relations. These phenomena are determined by the state of the economy, the efficiency of power, the influence of the media, the opposition and criminal structures. This definition of social strain is integral and allows to schematically represent the mechanisms and to structure this phenomenon. Continue reading →

The Fastest Modern Cars

Modern cars can be compared in many ways. For example, people determine the best automobiles for their fuel consumption or the cheapest cars. However, the main thing for which autos are valued is their speed. Here is a list of the fastest modern automobiles.

The Speediest Motorcars in the World

Koenigsegg Agera RS is the fastest car in the world. In 2017, the Swedish hypercar managed to accelerate to 447 kilometers per hour. Under the hood, this auto has a 5-liter engine. Continue reading →

Chicago Citation Generator

Formatting of the text in Chicago style requires knowledge of many rules and good writing skills. However, if you have never worked with this style, do not worry. In fact, there is a very simple and convenient way to create citations correctly. Having explored what the essence of Chicago citation style is and having learned how to use the reference generator, you will be able to write successful papers.

Characteristics of Chicago Citation Style

Academic writing involves editing of the text in accordance with a certain style. There are several directions of academic writing. All of them include the rules of citing and bibliography formatting. Chicago style is used to write texts on social and historical topics. A lot of scientific journals around the world use this type of formatting. In addition, it is often used for writing student papers. Chicago style provides a choice of several formats. Within the framework of a style, it is possible to mix ways of referencing a source, if the result is clear and consistent. Continue reading →

Rogerian Argument Essay Topics

The Real Nature of Rogerian

Even though many people think otherwise, life is not always about success and triumphs. A so-called Rogerian argument is the type of argument that is very different from the traditional meaning of this word. In a Rogerian argument, the focus is on the discussion itself, as well as on the understanding of the points introduced by the opposite side of the argument. Its goal is not for one of the sides to win but to discuss the matters and find the common ground in the dispute. However, it is hard to say whether the principles of the Rogerian argument work in our world.

The authentic Rogerian argument needs to be objective. It also has to ensure that the opponents understand the difference between their opinions and can come to a resolution by embracing them. Both sides of the argument should see their conversation in a different way – not trying to persuade their rival in the rightness of their opinion but to take a look at the matter of the argument from another angle and try to understand their opponent. No one should feel threatened in this kind of argument, because no one’s opinion is misjudged or ridiculed. Continue reading →

What Is a Thesis Statement?

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the main idea with the precise and concise wording that is put forward to prove it. Sometimes it is presented in an annotation or an introduction. All other sentences serve to prove the thesis. They are called arguments. Thesis statements include a description of the subject, tasks, goals, relevance, sections, and the results of the work. There are several kinds of them

Basic Thesis Statements

Thesis statements summarize the contents of the document; they are inseparable from the text. A simple thesis statement includes the main thoughts of separate semantic paragraphs. They serve to reveal the basic information. Continue reading →

Custom Papers Example: Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay

Writing paper as a school assignment can be tricky. Be it lack of inspiration, time, or skill with words, every one of us encountered obstacles when writing college papers. Luckily, in the modern time of the Internet, it is rather easy to buy cheap custom research papers online. Surely, with such a vast array of writing services, you must understand that lower price doesn’t always mean that you will get an essay of outstanding quality. That’s why we offer you custom term paper examples. The following is an argumentative essay example.

Importance of Good Education

It is hard to live in the modern world without proper education, however, lots of people still neglect it. It is rather important to work hard towards getting educated as it influences our position amongst other people and brings much more value to our lives. The list of benefits of education is enormous. Nonetheless, two pros can be outlined as the most vital: personal development and better living. Continue reading →

Editing Tip When to Use “And” and “Or”

Tip When to Use And and Or

Some students experience certain difficulties with using “and” and “or” in the sentence because they do not fully realize the main functions of these words. Despite the common belief, both conjunctions “and” and “or” indicate totally different meanings. As such, the conjunction “and” is used to join two or more concepts, while the conjunction “or” is used to emphasize the exclusivity of the concept. The following examples will help you to understand this better: Continue reading →

4 Common Character Archetypes in Literature

Common Character Archetypes in Literature

If you decided to write a fictional story or even a whole book, one of the major tasks you should accomplish is to create impeccable characters. Despite your vast knowledge and creative skills, it may turn out to be difficult to embody your ideas and invent an original protagonist if you’re not aware of the main literary archetypes. The word “archetype” itself means a reoccurring theme, pattern of behavior or fundamental characteristic of a person or thing. Classic archetypes usually occur in art and literature. It’s especially interesting to investigate the archetypes in literature in order to create them on your own.

The Hero and the Antihero

It’s almost impossible to imagine a book without the central character though a witty human mind can invent even such plotlines. One of the most common archetypes is the hero, which is usually presented as the protagonist. However, it’s also essential to mention its antipode – the antihero, which shouldn’t be confused with the villain – a completely wicked and indecent character. Both the hero and antihero can be central characters – it purely depends on the vision of the author. Of course, as a modern person, you should have noticed that we’re talking about the hero as the male character: indeed, certain gender discrimination existed in traditional books. On the contrary, contemporary literature produces heroines more often. The hero or heroine is typically strong-willed, sharp-witted, and exceptional individuals with the mission to overcome impediments, solve the most complicated problems, and, frequently, save the world. The hero is virtuous, noble, altruistic, and brave. Continue reading →


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